Verity Bond - Manchester

“This scheme is designed to bring character to a kitchen. Painting the centre island and lower cabinetry in deep Studio Green helps to ground the scheme and make everything above seem lighter, an illusion aided by the use of relaxed neutral Jitney on the wall-mounted cupboards and soft School House White on walls. Adding marble worktops creates a kitchen that’s sophisticated and contemporary.”

Andrea Voinot - Berkeley

“This scheme was created for a small, light-filled breakfast nook adjoining a recently renovated kitchen painted in Slipper Satin. I chose rich Bancha as my wall colour to echo the outdoors, with fresh School House White on the ceiling and Slipper Satin on the trim, relating back to the adjoining kitchen.”

Michael Durand - Lyon

“My warm, graphic scheme was created to bring a tiled kitchen up to date. The cabinetry is made of natural wood, enhanced by the presence of rich, deep Preference Red on the wall behind, while the other walls are painted with relaxed neutral Jitney. The windows and doors are finished with Off-Black for a contemporary feel. This scheme could be used with metal or glass counters as well as tiled worktops to create an entirely different mood.”

Barbara Burlein - Frankfurt

“The aim of this scheme was to create a cosy space for quiet contemplation, so two calming shades of blue – De Nimes and Light Blue – have been chosen to minimise the contrast between wall and ceiling, with De Nimes painted cupboards to add to the sense of cohesion. After creating a little contrast by painting skirting in dramatic Railings, all the finishing touches that are needed are a comfortable sofa in cognac coloured leather, deep green velvet cushions, and a good book.”

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