New Metallic Wallpapers - Farrow & Ball

Walls: Bamboo BP 2161 and School House White No.291 | Estate Emulsion; Ceiling: School House White No.291 | Estate Emulsion

We’ve transformed our collection of handcrafted wallpapers with a selection of covetable metallic prints and unique colourways, bringing nine of our best-loved designs to life with striking shades of gold, silver and copper. Printed with our own richly pigmented paint, our metallic wallpapers are exquisitely tactile, with a subtly shimmering finish that adds a touch of drama and luxury to any room.


What Makes our Metallic Wallpaper Special

1. It’s printed with real Farrow & Ball paint, so you can create a cohesive scheme for walls, ceilings and woodwork using the colours from our palette.

2. Printing onto responsibly sourced, vinyl free paper with our own water based paint means our papers are recyclable at the end of their life.

3. Each roll is finished with a fine layer of specially formulated glaze, ensuring it’s wipeable, and as durable as it is beautiful.

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