Purple Paint Colours

Ranging from understated near-grey to deep plum, our purple palette offers an array of styles and moods. Dark purple shades feel effortlessly luxurious, perfect for guest rooms and entertaining spaces, while lighter shades of purple are soothing and subtly playful. 

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Purple Room Inspiration

Choose Your Purple Paint Colour

Although blue is the colour used most often in decorating, it certainly tends to divide opinion more than any other.
For some, it immediately conjures up cold, unfriendly spaces, while for others it evokes calm and serenity, even cosiness.

Light Purple Paint

Between them, our three shades of light purple paint can create a whole range of looks and feels. Delicate Calluna treads the line between purple and grey, making it an unexpected yet fitting choice for this elegant dining room. Try it with a much darker trim colour, as our Colour Consultant has done here with Mahogany, for a stylish, high contrast look that keeps the whole effect from being too “pastel”.

For fun kids’ rooms and entertaining spaces, try our more pink-toned Archive colour Sugared Almond alongside bright yellow accents (yes, really!), while for older kids’ rooms, Brassica strikes the perfect balance between playful and grown-up.

Deep Purple Paint

Deep purple paint works wonders in spaces of all sizes. In this open plan home, Paean Black creates an intimate living area that feels separate from the bright and airy dining space, adding structure and interest. In an attic bathroom, Brinjal enhances the room’s distinctive shape and cosy feel, making for a luxurious little escape. It can be tempting to go for white or grey in compact rooms like this one, but embracing low light and small spaces with a luxurious chocolate, plum, navy or dark purple paint colour can be much more rewarding, so don’t be afraid to go bold!

Purple Exterior Paint

With our hard-wearing exterior finishes, you can treat almost any outdoor feature to a lick of purple paint, adding personality and protection in one. Our recommended paint finishes for exterior wood and metal, Full Gloss and Exterior Eggshell, are protected against peeling, cracking and fading for up to six years. So, whether you’re looking to wow the neighbours with a statement purple door, railings, fences, sheds, or shutters, you can do so with the confidence that they’ll stay looking pristine for many seasons to come.

Purple Paint Schemes

Find inspiration for your project and view beautiful images of purple paint schemes in real homes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best purple paint colour? 

From soft lilac to rich aubergine, purple covers a beautiful array of shades. Traditionally considered the colour of royalty, it’s hard to crown one tone of purple the best. It truly is all personal preference. Our palette ranges from jewel tones to pastel hues, so you browse a few to find your favourite.  

What colour goes best with purple paint? 

With its connotations of luxury, purple pairs wonderfully with other jewel tones, like emerald green and deep blue, to create an enchanting, opulent feel. Alternatively, try it with neutral colours for a more subtle, sophisticated scheme that suits almost every space. We have suggested colour combinations on our website and colour card to inspire your imagination.  

What effect does purple paint have on a room? 

The effect of purple on a room depends on the shade you choose. Darker shades create an inviting, elegant atmosphere ideal for relaxing and entertaining. Softer shades have a soothing feel that calms the mind, perfect for studies and bedrooms.  

Should I paint my whole room purple? 

Deciding whether to embrace purple in its entirety depends on your personal taste. You can either choose to colour drench, using the same shade across every surface in the space, or layer similar tones on the walls, ceiling and woodwork. Both ways of decorating create harmonious spaces without harsh contrasts, which can make a room feel bigger and more open.  

How can I choose the right shade of purple? 

Sample, sample, sample. Even if you think you’ve found the perfect purple online or on our colour card, you won’t know for sure until you’ve tried it in your space. Colours always look different depending on their surroundings, like your furniture and lighting. So be sure to try a selection of shades at home before you start painting.

How do I make sure I get the best finish with purple paint? 

Creating a beautiful finish all starts with your preparation. Make sure to sand, patch and clean the surface you’re painting and then use Primer & Undercoat to create a smooth, easy-to-paint base. It can be tempting to skip these steps, but they are the key to a lasting, colour-rich finish.

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