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Often considered the colour of creativity, orange paint is optimistic, warm and surprisingly versatile. While often overlooked when it comes to decorating, orange can be both vibrant and soothing, inspiring and comforting, making it ideal for creating different moods.  

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Orange Room Inspiration

Orange Paint Schemes

Find inspiration for your project and view beautiful images of orange paint schemes in real homes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best orange paint colour?

With such an array of shades, and the way each one shifts depending on its light and surroundings, we couldn’t possibly pick a “best” orange paint colour. There is no best, only the best for you and your project. From energetic tangerines to calming terracottas, try a few samples to find your favourite.

What colour goes best with orange paint?

You may not think it, but orange is surprisingly versatile. From soft peach to earthy terracotta and even fiery hues, there's an orange shade to complement practically any other colour. On our website you’ll find colour scheme suggestions for all of our oranges, ranging from neutral combinations to vibrant orange and yellow looks.

What effect does orange paint have on a room?

The impact of orange paint depends on the shade you choose. Vibrant oranges can add zesty energy to a space, while softer shades can create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Every orange brings wonderful warmth and cheerful feel, sure to boost your mood.

Should I paint my whole room orange?

The choice is entirely yours. If you love this cheerful hue, embrace it. Orange can seem a bold choice for a whole room but it depends on the shade you choose, as a fresh tangerine will feel very different to a soft peach. We have a variety of finishes for different surfaces, so you can completely drench your space in on shade or layer complementary tones on your trim, walls and ceiling.

How can I choose the right shade of orange?

We always recommend you try a sample to see how a shade looks in your space with your light and furnishings. The orange you adore online, may feel very different on your walls. When you’re picking your samples, consider the undertones of each orange and the feel you want to create because an orange with red undertones will feel warmer, while one with yellow undertones will be more refreshing.

How do I make sure I get the best finish?

Preparation is key! Even with the finest paint and quality equipment, if your surface isn't properly prepared, you won't achieve a flawless finish. We recommend using a Primer & Undercoat to smooth imperfections and ensure lasting, rich colour.

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