All black dining room with wooden beams

Walls, Ceiling and Trim: Off-Black No.57 in Estate Emulsion and Estate Eggshell | Image from Recipes for Decorating

Not just for moody teenage hideouts, black paint creates intimate, inviting, and thoroughly on-trend spaces to escape to at the end of a long day. Whether you’re feeling bold enough to go all out, tempted by a new trim colour, or looking for an unexpected shade that combines the drama and dreaminess of black with hints of tint, our selection of black paint and wallpaper has it all.

Blue Based Black Paint Colours

Railings, with its generous dose of blue pigment, is versatile enough to be used anywhere you’d consider a pure black paint, but with an added underlying complexity that creates the most dramatic and enveloping spaces. It looks especially smart used across walls and woodwork, as this modern pantry attests; in a family kitchen, it pairs beautifully with grey-blue De Nimes walls, a white marble worktop, and sleek gold fittings. Recreate the look with our step-by-step guide to painting kitchen cabinets.

Pure Black Paint Colours

Pitch Black is as pure a black paint as you can get. With an unsurpassable depth and an almost velvety quality, this true black requires some daring to use on walls where a softer, off black paint may be more forgiving, but as a striking accent to add structure and personality to any space, it’s hard to beat. Follow the lead of these modern living rooms by highlighting beams or bookcases in a black wood paint, like Modern Eggshell or Full Gloss.

Bright blue living room with armchairs and black wooden cabinets

Walls and Trim: Stone Blue No.86 in Modern Emulsion and Modern Eggshell; Ceiling: Dix Blue No.82 in Estate Emulsion; Bookcase: Pitch Black No.256 in Modern Eggshell

Image from Recipes for Decorating

Grey living room with chair and table, white shelves and black ceiling beams

Walls and Trim: Pavilion Gray No.242 in Modern Emulsion in Modern Eggshell; Ceiling: All White No.2005 in Modern Emulsion; Beams: Pitch Black No.256 in Full Gloss

Image from Recipes for Decorating

Soft Black Paint Colours

Moody and modern, a softer off-black paint can be the perfect colour candidate for your next dramatic transformation. The paler Tar creates rooms that feel both dramatic and welcoming – great in glamorous entertaining spaces and cosy corners alike. Off-Black, meanwhile, is one of our favourite front door colours. It takes on an even more subtle character in the stronger light of the outdoors, making for elegant woodwork, furniture and fences.

All black games room with large window

Walls and Ceiling: Tar No.CC1 in Estate Emulsion

Black wooden front door

Door: Off-Black No.57 in Exterior Eggshell

Image from Recipes for Decorating

Warm Black Paint Colours

Tanner’s Brown, which appears almost black in lower lighting, has a warmth and softness that makes it a soothing alternative to cooler black shades, creating particularly welcome living rooms. If you’re feeling a little bolder, try rich Paean Black, with its underlying purple tones. On walls, it creates a cosy and undeniably chic feel, but we particularly love it on kitchen cabinetry in combination with Sulking Room Pink.

Black Wallpaper

Being created with our own water based paint, no collection of daring dark schemes would be complete without a mention of our handcrafted wallpaper. A dark wallpaper with black painted trim is always a winning combination – just see this opulent bathroom, where our Lotus wallpaper is paired with Off-Black woodwork and ceiling, for proof. Meanwhile, as a feature wall in an otherwise neutral space, this Paean Black and copper colourway of our Tessella wallpaper instantly draws attention.

Black and white Lotus wallpaper in an all-black bathroom

Ceiling, Panelling and Trim: Off-Black No.57 in Modern Emulsion and Modern Eggshell; Wall: Lotus BP 2017

Black and rose gold Tessella in a white and wood living room

Walls and Ceiling: School House White No.291 in Modern Emulsion; Feature Wall: Tessella BP 3613


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