Meet Our Experts

Based at Farrow & Ball showrooms and select locations across Europe and North America, our expert Colour Consultants are here to help you approach colour with confidence and see your favourite spaces in a whole new light, all in the comfort of your own home. We asked a few of our Consultants to offer a little insight into how they work, what they love about colour consultancy, and how they’re currently using our paint and wallpaper to bring homes to life.

Kathleen Brennan - Paramus, Greenwich & Upper East Side

Kathleen thinks of herself as a colour guide, steering clients towards the best palettes and finish solutions for their lifestyles, tastes and homes. As a brand fanatic, she has been using Farrow & Ball paints in her own home for 12 years and joined the company in 2016. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Fashion Institute of Technology and brings with her a wealth of knowledge about interior design and creating bespoke interior environments. 

Kathleen's suggested scheme


BP 4502 


Five questions with Kathleen

1. What do you enjoy most about being a Colour Consultant?

Helping people understand the complexities of colour and how light and volume of space affect how they are perceived. Taking all the guesswork out of putting together a palette for clients is deeply satisfying. By the end of a consultation, they will have a complete colour story for each space. It is the interactions with clients that I truly enjoy. Hitting on something that delights them is what I love the most.

2. How do you approach each brief?

I try to read between the lines and parse out what the client is trying to express. Many clients experience some difficulty expressing their colour visions, so I always invite them to share inspiration sources and pictures, which are often most helpful for understanding the vibe they are hoping to achieve.

3. What has been your favourite project so far and why?

Each project is unique, so it is hard to pick a favorite. My projects have ranged from studio apartments, complete townhouses, a billionaire’s airy, suburban raised ranches, the full gamut and stylistically from mid-century modern to very traditional.  I will say that my favorite projects always have a good visual flow from space to space whether they be soft or bold tonal palettes. 

4. Why have you chosen the colours in your scheme? Where in the home would you imagine it being used?

I imagine Shouchikubai BP 4502 paired with Clunch and Peignoir being used in the dressing room of a mid-century modern home. I love the pairing of the hexagonal shapes with the organic forms in the wallpaper. It speaks to what was happening with design in the mid-20th century but by dipping into the softer colours Clunch and Peignoir, rather than bold tones, the overall feel has a more relaxed and somewhat feminine feel. 

5. What trends are you currently seeing in your clients’ homes?

Personal expression! Before the pandemic, it was all about trending colours, what the neighbors were doing, what was seen on social media and lots of grays and neutrals. Now clients have become more playful and experimental with their use of colour.  

Alyssa Gray - Boston 

Alyssa has been part of the Interior Design and Colour Industry for over 15 years. Her Interior Design journey began at Meredith College in Raleigh and today, as a true colour enthusiast, she utilizes an esteemed knowledge of design and personability into every colour consultation. Alyssa loves working with a wide range of styles and eras in interior design, confidently merging varying architecture and aesthetics.

Alyssa's suggested scheme
Crevelli Rose

BP 3007 


No. 203

Five questions with Alyssa

1. What do you enjoy most about being a Colour Consultant?

There are so many parts that I enjoy. I love creating palettes, working with colour and helping clients. I enjoy the variety and complexity of each project and how each client and home is truly unique. There is nothing better than a client’s response at the end of a meeting, hearing how relieved and excited they feel as they finally have their colour scheme figured out.

2. How do you approach each brief?

I am always open-minded and excited! I look forward to collaborating with clients and exploring colours and finishes together. Each client will have unique needs and personal preferences that I keep front of mind as I review each project brief. Some clients use visual references and inspirational images to communicate what they want, while others provide extremely detailed information prior to our consultation. Other clients have a hard time knowing where to begin at all, which is where my tailored approach comes in. To start every appointment, I confirm which spaces we are reviewing, the client’s objectives and concerns, and then we collaboratively find their perfect colour and finish solutions!

3. What has been your favourite project so far and why?

There are so many it is hard to narrow it down to just one. I will say I had a project with an architect and his wife for their new home, where they initially liked completely different colours for everything. So, we had to get very creative to build schemes that would satisfy both their needs and styles.  The unexpected colour combinations we settled on were some of my absolute favorites.

4. Why have you chosen the colours in your scheme? Where in the home would you imagine it being used?

I have chosen Pigeon for the walls, ceilings and window casings and I would match this with Tallow on the baseboard, door casings and doors. I would also incorporate an element of wallpaper on the inside of a built-in bookshelf or a ceiling, choosing archive pattern Crevelli Rose BP 3007. I think the undertones in Pigeon make it a beautifully dynamic colour and I love it combined with the warmth of Tallow. The tones of the two play off each other wonderfully. This palette also provides a great foundation for those who want to add further pops of colour through accessories, furnishings and artwork. Some accent colours I would consider are Railings, Inchyra Blue and archive colour Orangery.  I would use this scheme for an office, bedroom, or living room.

5. What trends are you currently seeing in your clients’ homes?

Clients are being more adventurous and open-minded with their colour choices. Many of my clients’ homes were previously decorated throughout in neutrals or grays , but now there is a desire to infuse vibrancy back into their spaces. I feel a lot of clients are also more open to adding wallpaper to some of their spaces - even to their ceilings. 

Erin Deane - Chicago

Erin studied Interior Design and Art History at Columbia College in Chicago, where she was trained to understand and navigate colour in Fine Art and Architectural Movements.  Erin is also a practicing real estate agent, understanding the process and the need to make a house feel like a home. Erin champions this transformation through thoughtful colour stories with each of her clients.

Kathleen's suggested scheme


Five questions with Erin

1. What do you enjoy most about being a Colour Consultant?

I love helping my clients make their houses feel like homes. By taking my clients on a journey through colour, I can guide and find a palette to fit their personalities and lifestyles. That is a big part of why I love what I do! 

2. How do you approach each brief?

Bringing a client's vision to life is so important. Being able to connect with the client beforehand, whether it is having a brief phone call or by sharing their inspiration images with me, is the most important way to start a collaboration. The initial conversations teach me a lot about their needs and tastes and allow for a process of guidance. Collaborating with each client individually ensures every project fits their unique style! 

3. What has been your favourite project so far and why?

Any time I get to work on a historic home, that would be among my favorites. Brightening up a space by inserting new takes on old trends is such a fun challenge. And it is always satisfying to be able to honor the integrity of an older home, while adding a thoughtful and modern twist.

4. Why have you chosen the colours in your scheme? Where in the home would you imagine it being used?

Recently I have been drawn to using a darker palette in place of neutrals. I love the idea that a more saturated colour can act in the same way a bright white palette would, only dark. There is so much freedom to decorate around a darker scheme, creating a moody and safe backdrop for the home. I imagine my scheme used on the walls of a library or dining room. A primary bedroom would also be a wonderful place for pops of these colours. Dimity on the walls and Red Earth used as accents on a painted piece of furniture and reflected in decor pieces like throw pillows or artwork for a bright, but grounded feel. 

5. What trends are you currently seeing in your clients’ homes?

I am seeing a fair amount of calming tonal palettes in my clients' homes. Also, bolder accents purposefully placed, whether that be wallpaper in an unexpected place (ceilings are my favorite!) or painting the trim a fresh and funky colour!

Demaudecia Taylor - Dallas

Demaudecia graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Stephen F. Austin State University. She is passionate about the illustrious colour palette of Farrow & Ball and how colour can improve the health and functionality of your home. Her design goal is to help clients create a space that can be serene, bold, colourful, calming, elegant and most importantly: unapologetically theirs.  

Demaudecia's suggested scheme

Five questions with Demaudecia

1. What do you most enjoy about being a Colour Consultant

Seeing the look on a client’s face, beaming with excitement, as we discuss all the different ways we can bring their space to life. This experience is the biggest reward a consultant can get. My clients are all unique and every consultation is a special experience of translating their ideas into beautiful colour stories.

2. How do you approach a brief?

With positivity and ambition. My approach is to build trust with each client by demonstrating enthusiasm and the utmost confidence in a collaborative effort to create a space that will express their character as well as meet their needs.

3. Which is your best project so far & why?

I recently worked with a client to create a lovely colour scheme for her new nursery. She wanted the space to have a calming atmosphere and a unique look. It was an enjoyable project and, in the end, we created a new colour palette that I had never considered before, with a look that was both serene and delicate.

4. Why have you chosen the colours in your scheme? Where in the home would you imagine it being used?

I have put together this scheme with a living area in mind. I wanted to work with a popular Farrow & Ball colour not  often found in a large living space: Sulking Room Pink. I would cover the walls with London Clay painted on wood flooring and the open-door framing to separate this space from another, while maintaining a cohesive balance. Lastly, Strong White would be used on the ceiling and crown molding to keep the area lively and bring in light. 

5. What trends are you currently seeing in your client’s home?

I have been helping a lot of clients bring purple into their spaces, particularly in their home offices. Purple is a fantastic addition to a space with this functionality as it stimulates ambition and creates a serene atmosphere. 

Krista Broadstreet - Los Angeles, Pasadena & Santa Monica

Krista graduated from the Academy of Art University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Colour Theory. Following her graduation, she worked with a Mural and Decorative Finish Studio, collaborating with artists and designers to create unique areas of interest for residential and commercial spaces.

Krista has provided excellent paint advice, colour consultations, and decorative finishes throughout her career. She has joined the Farrow & Ball team as an expert colour consultant with a wealth of knowledge and passion, taking every customer on a tailored colour journey. Catering to all styles, she will help you create a personalized space that caters to your personal aesthetic. 

Krista's suggested scheme

No. 2002

No. 292

Five questions with Krista

1. What do you most enjoy about being a Colour Consultant

Being able to collaborate with clients to create a space that reflects them. I truly believe colour has a valuable effect on our mood and mindset, so providing the right palette for their environment and style has a large impact on how they feel while in the space. In addition, seeing a place transform and evolve can really provide a new and fresh perspective for our clients. 

2. How do you approach each brief?

When approaching a new brief or project, it is always important for me to connect with the client and understand their underlining goals and what they want to accomplish. Just like a mission statement for a business, I want to keep the big picture in mind, to prevent getting lost in the details. Therefore, each room, style, and colour should correlate with that mission statement, and I always assure the client throughout the project that I am connected to their original vision.

3. What has been your favourite project so far and why?

I am a fan of bold, rich, and deep colours. Favorite projects of mine have been assisting clients that enjoy stepping outside of their comfort zones. Helping them commit and connect with colour and the right finish is exhilarating. For example, using Stiffkey Blue in Full Gloss in a library will provide a calming and cavernous reading space. Another favorite project is using Brinjal for a wet bar area in Full Gloss. There is an understated elegance that comes through these rich colours when using the Full Gloss finish. You can set the mood for intimate gatherings in the evening or demand the attention of your guests in the daylight with this sophisticated and entertaining colour. 

4. Why have you chosen the colours in your scheme? Where in the home would you imagine it being used?

While I will always hold dark and rich colours close to my heart, they are not for everyone or every space. The palette I have created is more fluid and subdued. These colours can simultaneously live with each other in the same room or hold their own by placing them separately throughout the home. When creating this theme, I imagined it used in different spaces in the home. I envisioned Oxford Stone as the wall colour, White Tie for trim base boards and ceiling, and Treron as an accent. If someone was looking for an accent or trim colour that is more contemporary, I would recommend swapping out Treron for Studio Green to make the Oxford Stone pop! Or for brighter walls in a kitchen, I would choose the White Tie for your walls and then use Treron for cabinets and woodwork. This colour scheme is truly interchangeable and easy to place in a wide variety of rooms throughout a home.

5. What trends are you currently seeing in your clients’ homes?

The colour trends I see emerging in 2023 are warm and refreshing tones as we move away from the more modern and cooler shades. On the West Coast, the sun provides an array of bright and crisp lighting which I have seen reflected in a transition to warm whites and grays, paired with earth tones. The fantastic thing about working with these tones is that they are flexible and versatile in depth. A fitting example would be Lichen, a muted green that still has a wealth of colour to it. Lichen works with various materials including natural woods, stains, metals, marbles, stones, and it can really tie a room together. It is a colour that relates to nature, and it adds a nurturing atmosphere to a space. Using greens in kitchens, living rooms, sunrooms or conservatories provides a refreshing presence often needed at home. 

Michaela Ralph - Bethesda

Michaela studied Interior Design at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. Her affection for all things beautiful is why she prefers to call herself an “Aesthetic Curator.” In her down time, Michaela enjoys hosting gatherings and creating the perfect atmosphere for mingling. 

She would describe her interior style as elevated and intimate. Marrying the old and new to create a more transitional space is a personal favorite, however, she can adapt to any style preference. Michaela has taken many art and colour theory training courses and is inspired by the life and movement that each shade owns and loves to share that excitement with her clients. Michaela specializes in helping indecisive clients come to a decision that they are comfortable with, often helping them step outside of their comfort zones.

Michaela's suggested scheme

Five questions with Michaela

1. What do you enjoy most about being a Colour Consultant?

I love working with clients to create thoughtfully curated spaces. I do this by delivering tailored colour schemes for every space and providing advice they may not have considered otherwise.

2. How do you approach each brief?

I find it vital to listen to my client's likes and dislikes to build a clear understanding of what they feel is not currently working or where they are experiencing challenges. After gathering this information, I always give them an option that falls within their comfort zone and an option that will push them a bit outside of their comfort zone.

3. What has been your favourite project so far and why?

My favorite project is interior designer Ally Banks’ storefront in the heart of Georgetown. We used Green Smoke in Exterior Masonry and Railings in Full Gloss. The exterior has this ‘always-been-there’ life about it, while also showcasing a fresh take on a façade in such a historical location.

4. Why have you chosen the colours in your scheme? Where in the home would you imagine it being used?

I have chosen Chine Green, Slipper Satin and Feather Grass BP 5106. I like this combination because it is moody, sophisticated, and feminine – which perfectly describes my aesthetic. The colour palette is a complementary balance of rich and cozy. And I would pair it with Carrera arble or natural stone like Travertine. 

5. What trends are you currently seeing in your clients’ homes?

Wallpaper is back in full swing! Also, darker colours and a monochromatic trim is gaining a lot of attention these days. 

Holly Faulkner - Flatiron, MidTown, Brooklyn & Upper East Side 

Holly has over 20 years of experience in the interior design field, working with high-end residential design and at bespoke textile showrooms. She has experience with a wide range of architectural and interior styles, both traditional and modern, and would describe her style as a sophisticated mix of classic and contemporary. Holly looks forward to working on each project, injecting her passion for colour and design, and her commitment to finding the best result that captures the imagination of her clients. 

Holly's suggested scheme

BP 5004

No. 274

Five questions with Holly

1. What do you enjoy most about being a Colour Consultant?

Working with clients and being able to connect through colour. I enjoy the collaboration and the creativity that goes into each consultation.  Everyone has their own personal history or story with colour, so working with clients to help them navigate the extraordinary range of possibilities and find their personal scheme is deeply gratifying to me.

2. How do you approach each brief?

I like to find out as much about the project as I can prior to the consultation, as it gives me a sense of what the client would like to accomplish during our time together. Paint is just one piece of the puzzle, so it is helpful to know more about the other elements of the equation; the layout of the space, the natural light the rooms have, pieces of furniture and the artwork.Knowing this means that I can put together a fitting colour scheme and guide my clients as they choose the palettethat will work for their vision 

3. What has been your favourite project so far and why?

That is a tough question. I love so many different colours and combinations that each consultation could be a new favorite of mine. 

4. Why have you chosen the colours in your scheme? Where in the home would you imagine it being used?

I love the combination of warm, vibrant and bold tones with neutrals.  My colour compass tends to point to the bright, bold and saturated, but since working at Farrow & Ball, I have also fallen for their neutrals and appreciate the elegance of a subdued palette.  I feel that this scheme embraces both the bold and the softened.  I envision this as a dining room scheme – the walls are covered in Hornbeam with the trim and doors in Ammonite. I would use Red Earth in Full Gloss on either a vintage bar cart or a set of dining room chairs from an antique shop to add a flare of colour. 

5. What trends are you currently seeing in your clients’ homes?

Colour drenching to create a cozy, dramatic setting. Clients are leaning towards creating a seamless backdrop for their furniture and artwork either with a light, airy neutral or a dark and deeply saturated colour.

Julia Elliott - Toronto, Canada

Julia studied interior design at George Brown College in Toronto and has over 20 years’ experience in the world of interior design projects. Working in high-end textile showrooms, she has collaborated with several interior designers on a wide range of projects involving fabrics, wallpapers and soft furnishings. Julia has also worked for boutique interior design companies, overseeing project management and procurement of various design elements for private clients. In 2017, she joined Farrow and Ball and her love of the colour palette and building colour schemes for clients evolved into the In-Home Colour Consultancy.

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Julia's suggested scheme

BP 4407 

Five questions with Julia

1. What do you enjoy most about being a Colour Consultant?

I love the challenge of each individual project and helping the client personalize their home even more. Paint is such an easy way to change the feeling of the space and create a mood, and seeing the final transformation and client satisfaction is so rewarding.

2. How do you approach each brief?

I start each project by having a preliminary conversation with the client to find out what they are hoping to achieve and learn more about how they want to use the space. I then interpret their inspiration and combine it with my ideas to create a cohesive and interesting space.

3. What has been your favourite project so far and why?

I was fortunate enough to work on project involving a beautiful historic home with a brick façade. We worked on updating the exterior by adding a bit of drama using Down Pipe and Railings. It’s such a lovely combination with classic red brick. Exterior projects can be rather challenging, but the end result is very impactful.

4. Why have you chosen the colours in your scheme? Where in the home would you imagine it being used?

I chose this colour scheme because I am really into the deep smoky greens right now. I would love to use Green Smoke on bedroom walls with Studio Green on a substantial baseboard with linen textiles and maybe Amime BP 4407 behind a bed. I love cozy rooms that envelope you.

5. What trends are you currently seeing in your clients’ homes?

Along with dark and dramatic spaces, where a single colour is wrapped around the entire room - from baseboards to ceilings (colour drenching), we are also seeing more vivid colours being used and less of the cool neutrals. People want warmth in their homes as we welcome our friends and family members back in.

Sophie Wise - Brooklyn

After studying Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art & Design in London, UK, Sophie spent several years living in Hong Kong, Tokyo and London before settling in Brooklyn, NY. She combines her love of fabric and design composition with colour sensitivity when curating palettes for interior spaces. Having moved to different cities around the world, Sophie understands the intrinsic value of establishing a sense of home - in combining local, cultural landscape with unique personal expression. Sophie helps clients expand their understanding of colour, leaving them feeling confident in their design decisions and long-lasting joy with the results. 

Sophie's suggested scheme

Q&A with Sophie

1. What do you enjoy most about being a Colour Consultant?

Having someone come into your home and help re-identify a room or the entire property can understandably be overwhelming for a lot of clients! The best moment is to see someone’s face light up with excitement and approval over a proposed colour scheme – that's when you know something truly personal and beautiful is in the works.

2. How do you approach each brief?

I always love finding a key colour to work off or an architectural detail that can be highlighted. When I find one little characteristic or a phrase from the client that hints to the overall aesthetic and plan for a space, all my creative juices start flowing and that helps me envision an entire scheme. With a background in textile design, I also love seeing how Farrow & Ball paint colours and wallpapers can creatively compliment or highlight the fabrics and/or artwork in a space. 

3. Why have you chosen the colours in your scheme? Where in the home would you imagine it being used?

I have selected a cool and immersive palette that I imagine in the bedroom of a city apartment with Modernist architectural details. Stiffkey Blue covers the walls, while Dimpse covers the door and all the trim. Wine Dark would work as an accent colour on a chest of drawers and look great next to a wrought iron bed frame. The combination is rich, cool and settled, establishing a sense of sophisticated peace. 

4. What trends are you currently seeing in your clients’ homes?

I love the colour drenching trend, when people paint the walls, ceiling, trim all in one rich colour. As people spend more time working from home now, many want to be bolder with the palette choices in their homes to create a fresh and stimulating change. Colour drenching a room in a rich shade using our Dead Flat finish is especially dynamic and shows off the tonality of our shades perfectly.