Black Paint Colours

Far from dark and dreary, black paint creates intimate, inviting and thoroughly sophisticated spaces to escape to at the end of a long day. Go bold and take it all over or simply add a touch to your trim, this surprisingly versatile colour family is always sure to make a statement.   

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Choosing Your Black Paint Colour

Many of us have crossed over to the dark side when choosing paint, being less concerned with space and more with mood; deep, saturated colours abound. Contrary to popular opinion, such colours can be an inspired solution in a dark space. They blur boundaries, so you can’t read the perimeters of the space, and result in rooms that are a delight to retire to at the end of the day.

At Farrow & Ball, we have more than a dozen of these apparently simple colours, all of which evoke a complex response.

Strong Blacks

The strongest of our greens, Studio Green, reads almost black in low light, as does Paean Black in the red family and classic Railings in the blue. The dark hues in all these colours transform rooms into dramatic and enveloping spaces that have an unexpected hint of modernity, especially when only one colour is used on all the elements in the room.

Of course, we also have wonderful Pitch Black, which is as pure a black as you can get, and is strong and uncomplicated in all lights. 

Commanding Blacks

The latest addition to our selection of darks is Hopper Head, a classic charcoal colour that sits directly between Railings and Down Pipe. All these are undeniably moody and commanding, and are used as much on trim as they are on walls, just like the richer and redder Tanner’s Brown.

Lighter Blacks

If your preference is for something a little lighter, then you can choose between the industrial lead tones of Plummett, the moody but less grey Mole’s Breath, or Charleston Gray, which, like London Clay, has a warm undertone that gives a certain softness.

All these complex colours have a robust intensity and produce powerful, stimulating rooms, while being respectful of traditional proportions. Together with soft Off-Black, they are more flattering to adjacent colours than an intense jet black.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best black paint colour? 

The epitome of elegance, black paint can have a range of different undertones, which all create a different feel. Although this colour family always exudes timeless charm, shades with a hint of blue are crisp and classic, while charcoal shades have a softer feel. Explore our palette to find the one that suits your style. 

What colour goes best with black paint? 

With its bold, unwavering presence, black pairs beautifully with almost every other colour, creating striking, sophisticated combinations. Black works wonderfully with neutral shades for a simple statement, or experiment with purple for unrivalled elegance. Browse our selection of recommendations to find the inspiration for your transformation.  

What effect does black paint have on a room? 

Black has a wonderful grounding effect, bringing drama and elegance to your space. Depending on the shade, it can feel thoroughly contemporary or charmingly traditional. Black skirting boards with lighter walls can make your space feel bigger and brighter because the walls are the largest surface in your room and feel even lighter in comparison. 

Should I paint my whole room black? 

Painting a whole room black is sure to make a statement. It works particularly well in spaces you retire to in the evening, as it creates a protective, intimate feel that invites you to get comfortable. For a truly luxurious feel, try using Full Gloss. 

How can I choose the right shade of black? 

To find the perfect black for your project, think about the space you’re painting. What is the light like? What furniture do you have? How do you use it? You might want a different black for a south facing kitchen compared to a shady snug. Or perhaps you’re painting your front door or garden fence? All of these different projects lend themselves to different hues and finishes, so explore the options and experiment with samples. 

How do I make sure I get the best finish with black paint? 

Creating a beautiful finish is easier than you might think. It all comes down to preparation. Cleaning, patching and priming your surface before you start painting helps create a smooth finish, depth of colour and a look that lasts. Our Primer & Undercoat is a perfect blank canvas, minimising imperfections and making our rich black paint shades look even richer.