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Here at Farrow & Ball, white is never just white. We have over twenty shades to choose from, all with different undertones to create different moods. Browse our palette below and discover colour scheme suggestions, tips and inspiration to find the right hue for you.  

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  1. School House White No.291
    by @theoxtobyburrow

  2. Strong White No.2001
    by @paintitprettyhome

  3. Shadow White No.282
    by @midcenturytoday

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White Room Inspiration

White Paint Schemes

Find inspiration for your project and view beautiful images of white paint schemes in real homes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best white paint colour?

White is a truly versatile colour family, meaning it’s impossible to describe any specific shade as the ‘best’ — it all depends on your light, surroundings and personal taste. With so many different potential undertones, white can feel warm and soft or cool and contemporary. Of course, we have our favourites — Wimborne White is always popular — but we recommend trying samples yourself to find your favourite.

What colour goes best with white paint? 

As White paint is the most adaptable shade in our colour family, it means there’s a white to complement almost every other colour in our collection. To help you get started with your scheme, we suggest carefully curated combinations for every colour we create. Simply click on a colour on our website to find out more.

What effect does white paint have on a room?

The impact of white paint depends on which white you choose. Some whites soften a space, while other whites create a crisp look. In general, whites create a wonderfully versatile canvas to embellish with furniture, artwork and more.

Should I paint my whole room white?

Whether you should or shouldn’t entirely depends on what feeling you want to create and what look you prefer. And we have finishes to suit whichever decision you make. From multi-surface finishes so you can colour drench your entire space to specific trim paints that make a feature of your woodwork, our entire range is low odour, low VOC and water based. 

How can I choose the right shade of white?

We always recommend trying a sample to see how a shade responds to the light and furnishings in your space, as what may look like the perfect colour online could appear different on your walls.   

How do I make sure I get the best finish? 

Preparation, preparation, preparation. Even with the finest paint and highest quality equipment, if your surface isn’t prepared properly, you won’t achieve a flawless finish. We always recommend using a Primer & Undercoat to smooth imperfections and improve adhesion.