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Blue Colour Schemes

When it comes to decorating, blue paint divides opinion more than any other. For some it conjures up cooler spaces, while for others it evokes calm and serenity. The fact that blue is the colour most widely used in decoration, however, is testament to its amazing transformative powers.

Used on walls, pale blue paint tends to recede, making rooms feel larger, while dark blues create dramatic, glamourous spaces; vibrant blues result in a burst of energy, while grey blues have a soft, alluring feel. Whichever mood you’re looking to create, there’s a blue in our palette to help you create it.


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Light Blue Paint

Light blue paint reflects the soothing tones of the sea and the sky, creating rooms that feel made for escapism. Muted Borrowed Light and Skylight make for breezy, fresh-feeling spaces, while cool Parma Gray adds a little more formality. Light Blue, with its large dose of grey, can take on an almost silvery tone in darker rooms, while those in search of a true baby blue paint should look no further than bright and cheerful Blue Ground.

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Mid Blue Paint

Our mid blue paint colours range from dusky denim to cheerful sky blue, offering lots of scope for experimenting with different intensities and undertones. For those unafraid of strong, clean colours, the cornflower shades of Cook’s Blue and the unapologetic vibrancy of St Giles Blue are sure to appeal.

Image from Recipes for Decorating

Image from Recipes for Decorating

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Dark Blue Paint

Dark blues, with their inky undertones, are a universally flattering option for rooms both large and small, making a wonderfully unexpected alternative to charcoal grey. On the lighter end of the spectrum sit Pitch Blue, a rich cobalt with a distinct hint of purple, and Stiffkey Blue, a velvety navy blue. Hague Blue oozes grandeur, creating undeniably chic spaces, while greener Inchyra Blue is delightfully dramatic and complex. Finally, there’s the perennially popular Railings, a blue so deep it verges on black.

Hague Blue No.30 in Estate Emulsion and Estate Eggshell

Image from Recipes for Decorating

Inchyra Blue No.289 and Hague Blue No.30 in Estate Eggshell (Photo: Sabine Serrad; Design: Nathalie Rives)

Blue Grey Paint

The most relaxed and easy-to-use blues are those that lean towards grey. From deepest Pigeon to softest Cromarty, these shades work together effortlessly in any combination, resulting in natural-looking, tranquil spaces. Mid-toned Blue Gray creates an oasis of calm where the colour will shift with the changing light throughout the day, while Mizzle is the perfect soft blue-grey to fade into the background. These distinctive blue-grey paints have a laid-back look that makes them feel as if they have been there forever.

Blue Gray No.91 in Exterior Eggshell

Pigeon No.25 in Modern Emulsion

Green Blue Paint

Some of our most beautiful shades sit at the junction between green and blue: teal, aqua and duck egg blue paint with the ability to create an enormous range of looks. For a delicate, grown-up twist on baby blue, try Teresa’s Green or Green Blue, pale aqua shades with an underlying green in common that produces undeniably pretty spaces. For something a little moodier, try Dix Blue – its hefty dose of black pigment gives it a lived-in, vintage feel – go more vibrant with our intense teal paint Vardo, or create instant drama with deep green-based Inchyra Blue.

Inchyra Blue No.289 in Estate Emulsion and Full Gloss

Image from Recipes for Decorating

Vardo No.288 in Estate Emulsion

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