Joa’s Predictions for 2024: The Top Tones

Joa’s Predictions for 2024: The Top Tones

19 December 2023

Walls painted in Jitney No.293 | Woodwork and trim painted in Tanner's Brown No. 255

We’re not ones to follow trends. We believe homes are deeply personal and should reflect who you are, not who everyone else is. However, sometimes the same colours start to resonate with a lot of people at the same time — which is exactly what Joa Studholme, Colour Curator for Farrow & Ball, thinks is happening with clay tones. 

“Rich clay tones continue to nurture us in times of uncertainty,” explains Joa, “so they’re getting steadily more popular as many of us look for comfort.”  
We asked Joa to share two clay colour schemes that capture this calm, cosy feel in your home. And for true serenity, try these shades in our new ultra-matt Dead Flat® with unrivalled richness.  

Warm and wonderful

Walls painted in Jitney No.293 and Stirabout No.300 both Estate Emulsion| Fireplace painted in Stirabout No.300 Estate Eggshell

“When used together, Jitney and Stirabout create a harmonious space that’s easy on the eyes and deeply reassuring. The subtle balance of Jitney walls and the lighter Stirabout on your ceiling and trim, results in a beguiling room with an ethereal quality. This is a wonderful, warm scheme for those who prefer neutral spaces.”  

Bright and breezy

Walls painted in Oxford Stone | Woodwork and trim painted in Tanner's Brown | Estate Eggshell

“Although we’re drawn to clay tones, we also want our homes to feel as bright and spacious as possible. I have just the colour combination. Using a softer tone like Oxford Stone on the walls and the much stronger Tanner’s Brown on the trim instantly makes the walls feel lighter by comparison, and the room feel bigger and more open. It’s a classic decorating trick.” 

Ready to fall in love? 

From calming clay tones to bold blues, browse our entire range of colours to find your favourite. 

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