By Design: A Sophisticated Space To Soak

By Design: A Sophisticated Space To Soak

7 December 2023
Roasted Macadamia BathroomRoasted Macadamia Bathroom

Timeless, elegant and oh-so-chic, this is the sort of bathroom you’d expect to find in a luxury Parisian hotel. In actual fact, thanks to the creative talents of Kat Lonergan, you can find this one in a mid-terrace in Dublin. With a little help from Roasted Macadamia from our Carte Blanche collection, Kat (best known as @houseofklaximalism on Instagram) has curated a spa-like sanctuary and we caught up with her to find out exactly how she did it.

Can you tell us a little about you and your home?

I'm Kat and I own a vintage homewares shop called House of Klax Interiors. My husband and I live in our 1890s mid-terrace house in Dublin, which we moved into just over 5 years ago. It was a complete renovation project for us and slowly but surely, we’re bringing it back to its former Victorian glory. 

Where did you find your passion for interior design?

I think it began when I was a kid dusting my mother’s antiques, I was always fascinated by the details and colours of the ceramics — and the age of the pieces. We had a Victorian folding decoupage screen that I was absolutely enamoured with; the old pictures and colour palette were so dreamy and otherworldly. 

Tell us about how you transformed your bathroom.

As lovers of natural stone, we knew we wanted a bold marbled pattern in the bathroom. This style can seem quite contemporary, but old Parisian bathrooms are always a wonderful mix of natural stone, gold accents and sometimes panelling. We knocked through the existing shower wall to let more light in, we panelled the walls for an added a touch of elegance and we married this with gold and brass details. The final touch was colour drenching the walls and ceiling with the glorious Roasted Macadamia from Farrow & Ball, making the room feel bigger and more sophisticated.

What intrigued you about the Carte Blanche collection and why did you choose Roasted Macadamia for your bathroom?

The entire range is so versatile with its mix of paper and paint combinations. I found it very hard to choose just one colour, as I also love Cardamom, Au Lait and Sardine. In the end, we chose Roasted Macadamia for its warmth and how it changes with natural light, it creates such a cosy and inviting space.

Why do you love Farrow & Ball?

Where do I start? This is our third renovation and we’ve been using Farrow & Ball for many years. Cornforth White was my first Farrow & Ball paint love affair — it's the perfect true light grey, which can be so hard to find. When we moved into this home, we knew we wanted to add more drama. So, we chose Hague Blue for our living room and Railings with School House White for our hallway. We just adore the mood they create in both spaces! 

What are your top tips for creating a welcoming, fun and timeless home? 

Personally, I love to add layers, texture and pattern to a room. So, I'm always on the lookout for unique vintage treasures or bold textiles to add charm and a touch of glamour. I also think lighting is so important. To create a welcoming, relaxing and cosy atmosphere, we’ve used a mix of vintage table lamps, overhead pendants and chandeliers. 

Any golden rules you live by? 

It sounds cliché but decorate for you. It doesn't matter what friends or family think. It's your home and it's a reflection of who you are. Surround yourself with things you love, paint and paper the walls the way you want and it will be your happy space.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Up next, we have a guest room to renovate, our attic office room needs a revamp and then our upstairs hallway. Phew, that's all. 

Tempted By Neutrals?

If Roasted Macadamia has given you a taste for a neutral colour palette, browse the rest of our sophisticated, subtler shades and find your favourite.

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