Bringing A Brooklyn Home to Life with Whites

Bringing A Brooklyn Home to Life with Whites

7 December 2023

Photo by Adrian Gaut

Walls: Great White No.2006, Ceiling: All White No.2005

The former Brooklyn townhouse of designer, author, and chef Athena Calderone, is a masterpiece in white paint. Known for her distinctive approach to design and love of neutrals, we’d expect nothing less from the EyeSwoon founder. From delicate grey Wevet to bright All White and even the lilac undertones of Great White, this palette may appear simple but every shade has been carefully chosen in accordance with the light.

“I’m fairly certain”, says Athena when talking about her paint choices, “that ‘what is the white on your walls?’ is one of the most requested DMs on my Instagram. But here’s the thing — the whites that I have will most certainly not work in every space.

“Whites are so sensitive. You can choose the perfect white paint in the shop, only to find it’s a different colour on your wall at home thanks to the constant reflecting of the light in the space around it. White will absorb everything and anything in its path.” 

This sensitivity is exactly where Farrow & Ball whites excel. With our signature extraordinary response to light, all of our hues shift throughout the day, so white is never just white. Keep reading to see how our different whites create different moods throughout Athena’s space.

Living Room

Photo by Adrian Gaut

Walls and woodwork: Wevet No.273, Ceilings: All White No.2005

In this light-filled living room, Athena opted to soak the space in delicate Wevet. With a hint of grey, Wevet is one of our Relaxed Neutrals, meaning it works wonderfully in most rooms and creates an inviting, laid-back feeling — perfect for this living space.

On the ceilings throughout her home, Athena chose All White, a pure white without any cold, blue undertones. Using the same shade throughout creates a harmonious sense of flow and an airy, open feel by making the ceiling ever so slightly lighter than the walls, but without a sharp contrast that draws the eye.


Photo by Nicole Franzen 

Wainscoting: Wevet No.273, Walls: Ammonite No.274; Ceiling: All White No.2005

In the quarter-panelled bedroom, Athena used Wevet and Ammonite to create a soothing, sleep sanctuary. The two slightly grey shades were not hues she’d expected to suit this cosy space, as she explains:

“You may originally be drawn to a warm white but in your space, a cooler one with hints of gray may read just right. You just have to paint, test, and play until you land on the perfect shade. I suggest photographing the wall at various times of day. For me, that is always super helpful.”


Photo by Adrian Gaut

Cabinets: Railings No.31, Walls and ceiling: All White No.2005

In Athena’s beautiful kitchen, the dark Railings cabinets create a striking statement against the clean All White walls and ceiling. It can feel intimidating to choose a dark shade for fear that it might feel dominating but that doesn’t have to be the case. As Athena explains, it’s all to do with your light:

“Windows are the largest factor to consider when choosing a paint colour. Not only does the size of your windows affect how the colour is experienced, but it’s also the direction of the natural light streaming inward, and what sits outside those windows too.”

Home Office

Photo by Adrian Gaut

Walls: Great White No.2006, Ceiling: All White No.2005

When it comes to creating a space you love to spend time in, your home office is one of the most important rooms to get right. Whether you want a space to help you focus, inspire your creativity or soothe stressful moments, the colours you choose are key. Something Athena was keenly aware of when choosing her Great White and All White scheme.

"There’s no denying”, says Athena “that the most transformative consideration for any room is paint. Swathe a space in bright tones for an energising impact or coat your walls in warm hues to soothe the soul — your desired mood is attainable at the flick of a brush.”

Inspired By Neutrals?

If you want to create your own neutral haven like Athena has, browse our full collection of beautiful neutral shades to get started.

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