We recommend our Modern range for kitchens and bathrooms, as these finishes are protected against mould.

Pink kitchen with marble splashback and bronze faucet

Painted in Templeton Pink No.303 | Modern Emulsion

Whether it’s a quick supper, a cup of tea, or a feast for the whole family, the order of the day is always a kitchen that works hard, looks beautiful, and feels welcoming. With our Modern range – including wipeable, moisture-proof Emulsion for walls and robust Eggshell for cabinetry – you can create a captivating new look without compromise.

Eye-Catching Cabinetry

Painted in Sulking Room Pink No.295 | Modern Emulsion; Paean Black No.294 | Modern Eggshell

Completely transform the look of your kitchen, without a costly and bothersome refit, by painting cabinets and woodwork in a striking hue such as rich Paean Black. Get more inspiration and read our step-by-step guide to painting cabinetry on The Chromologist.

Rich Hues

Painted in Sulking Room Pink No.295 | Modern Emulsion; Paean Black No.294 | Modern Eggshell

High Contrast

Painted in Rangwali No.296 | Modern Emulsion; Paean Black No.294 | Modern Eggshell

If you want your cabinetry to become the focal point, choose a strong tone like Paean Black or Railings – it’ll ground the space and make everything above seem lighter.

A Light Touch

Painted in Blackened No.2011 | Modern Emulsion; Railings No.31 | Estate Eggshell

Fresh whites and soft greys can create a wonderfully versatile backdrop for daily life, setting the scene for first cups of tea and after-dinner drinks alike.


Painted in Purbeck Stone No.275 | Estate Eggshell

Feature Wall

Wallpapered in Gable BP5407 and painted in All White No.2005 | Estate Emulsion

Green and Serene

Painted in Bancha No.298 | Modern Emulsion & Full Gloss

Whether used all over or to subtly pick out your favourite features, green is a fresh-feeling hue for the heart of the home, and a grounding presence in even the busiest kitchens.

Contrast Beams

Painted in Shadow White No.282 | Modern Emulsion; Drop Cloth No.283 | Estate Eggshell

Painted Cladding

Painted in Treron No.292 | Estate Eggshell

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