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Grey Paint Colours

Light or dark, warm or cool, grey paint is effortlessly versatile and can create every mood imaginable. Equally beautiful in its own right or paired with bolder shades, grey works wonderfully in rooms of every style, shape and size. Think grey is boring? Think again… 

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  1. Manor House Gray No.265
    by @rocking_the_cotswolds

  2. Mole's Breath No.276
    by @mr_macs_home

  3. Mizzle No.266
    by @this1870house

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Grey Room Inspiration

Grey Paint Schemes

Find inspiration for your project and view beautiful images of grey paint schemes in real homes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best grey paint colour? 

Grey has certainly been enjoying a moment in the spotlight recently. And deservedly so. From crisp and cool to rich and dark, there are so many shades of grey to choose from, meaning there’s sure to be a shade for your space and style. Which one you choose is entirely down to your personal taste. To find the best grey for you, we recommend sampling a few. 

What colour goes best with grey paint?  

Effortlessly versatile, grey paint can complement so many colours. If you’re looking for a white to pair with a particular grey, we recommend a complementary white for all of our colours. Simply take a look at our website to find the recommendation. You’ll also find full colour scheme suggestions for every grey to spark your imagination.  

What effect does grey paint have on a room? 

Different shades of grey will create different moods — some will make a room feel cosy and comforting, while others will make a space feel fresh and bright. When you sit down to choose colours, always consider how you want the space to feel and use that as your starting point.  

Should I paint my whole room grey? 

If you’re looking to paint your whole room grey, there are two paths you could take. One is colour drenching. This is where you take one shade across your walls, woodwork and ceiling, which creates a calm, cocoon of colour and helps hide awkward angles and imperfections.  The other option is to try different tones. Layering different tones of grey can add extra interest to a space but avoids harsh contrasts, creating a curated and sophisticated feel. 

How can I choose the right shade of grey? 

The best way to find the right grey for your project is to sample the shades you like. Paint colours always look different depending on the light and furnishings in a space, so we always recommend trying a sample. 

How do I make sure I get the best finish?  

Quite simply, it’s all in the preparation. Using quality paint and equipment is important but the key to a flawless finish is preparing your surface. We recommend using a Primer & Undercoat to improve adhesion, minimise imperfections and create rich depth of colour.