Get a feel for the textures

The handloom rugs are available in a choice of three textures – plain wool, cut and loop stripe, and wool with a silk border. Each is skilfully crafted by a team of expert weavers in Nepal, using only the finest quality handspun yarns of Tibetan wool and silk.

Plain Wool

Cut pile gives the softest touch to each rug and lets the quality of the yarn shine through. The Rug Company use handspun Tibetan wool, chosen for its durability and softness, which gives a wonderfully cushioned feeling underfoot.

Cut and Loop Stripe

Alternating rows of cut pile and loop pile give this rug a wonderfully rich texture with an understated pattern. The Tibetan wool is handspun to preserve the wool’s lanolin, imparting the rug with a natural stain resistance and softness.

Silk Border

A silk border frames this Tibetan wool field. No other fibre rivals silk for decadent softness and luxurious shine, but it is also strong and durable. The silk has a spectacular lustre that reflects light beautifully and amplifies the colour of the rug.