Green Paint Schemes

Painted in Calke Green No.34 in Estate Emulsion

Image courtesy of The Modern House

Often associated with health and rejuvenation, green paint is a lush and uplifting choice for any room of the home. It’s unmatched in its ability to bring life to any space, representing the balanced tones of nature and promoting a feeling of wellness and vigour. And, with our palette of verdant shades from deep forest green and vibrant emerald to delicate, understated sage, being green is easier than ever.

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Light Green Paint Colours

For a comfortable country house style, no matter where you live, look to a sage green paint such as Lichen or Vert de Terre. These muted greens create tranquil rooms and are the perfect backdrop for more traditional features and furnishings. For an upbeat feel, opt for a cleaner green like Cooking Apple Green or Green Ground – they feel right at home in kitchens thanks to their refreshing, outdoorsy feel – or turn to silvery Ball Green for a more sophisticated-feeling space.

TIP: Want to bring the subtlest hint of green to a space? Try our Traditional Neutrals, a group of whites with soft grey-green undertones that are ideal for the more colour-shy.

Image from Recipes for Decorating

Image from Recipes for Decorating

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Dark Green Paint Colours

It’s often seen as a serious shade, yet there’s something undeniably down-to-earth about rooms painted in dark green. Whether you opt for the elegant depth and intensity of Duck Green, or the rich, warm tones of our olive green paint Bancha, you’ll find dark green the perfect backdrop for gathered treasures and favourite pieces. Sober Calke Green results in welcoming, intimate spaces, making it a great choice for bedrooms and snugs, while the subtle, atmospheric smokiness of Card Room Green or Green Smoke means they’re ideally suited to studies.

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Grey Green Paint

If you want to create a really relaxing space, look no further than French Gray. This organic colour creates rooms with a carefree feel, especially in a low-contrast scheme, and has an extraordinary ability to shift in the changing light, reading greener in well-lit rooms and greyer in darker spaces. Stronger Treron reacts in exactly the same way – this greener spin on our beloved Pigeon takes on an entirely new character in full sun, making it an excellent choice for exteriors.

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Vibrant Green Paint

Vibrant shades of green create a lively atmosphere, and Arsenic is as vibrant as they come. Our lively mint green paint never fails to raise a smile, even when used in the smallest amounts. Clean, fresh Yeabridge Green is similarly bright and optimistic, but with a lush countryside feel, while the slightly more reserved tone of Breakfast Room Green makes for an easygoing atmosphere. Yellow-toned Churlish Green, meanwhile, brings any room instantly to life, especially in Full Gloss.

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