Try the National Portrait Gallery palette at home

Try the National Portrait Gallery palette at home

10 July 2023

If you’ve visited the National Portrait Gallery recently, you might have spotted some familiar colours. Seven of our signature shades now adorn the walls there and we’re very proud to see our colours alongside the Gallery’s many masterpieces. But, when it comes to home décor, most of us aren't working with spaces quite so grand.  

So, today on the blog, we’re taking a look at how you can use the National Portrait Gallery colours at home, whether you've got a countryside cottage, a city loft or something in between. From oh-so-popular Green Smoke to the warming tones of Dove Tale, keep reading for tips and inspiration. 

Light Gray

An ageless colour with an age-old name, this stony grey green has been popular since the 9th century. With a subtle green base, Light Gray brings an unsurpassed depth of colour to every space. It works beautifully with our Traditional Neutrals or Stiffkey Blue if you’re looking for a relaxed, elegantly mismatched feel.

Green Smoke

This smoky green blue was popular in the 19th century, and it’s been a firm Farrow & Ball favourite for decades too. It’s easy to see why. Green Smoke looks good everywhere — trust us, we’ve tested it. Outside, it brings a timeless feel to doors, windows and conservatories, while inside, it fits effortlessly into modern and traditional palettes.

Cornforth White

Not too warm or too cool, Cornforth White strikes just the right balance. One of our Relaxed Neutrals, this shade is effortlessly versatile and makes an elegant addition to rooms of every size, shape and style. Pair it with Railings for a dramatic contrast or with Purbeck Stone for a more minimalist scheme.


Inspired by the treasured fossils found on the Dorset coast, understated Ammonite creates a serene and calming ambiance that works wonderfully in both old and new homes. Whether you're going for a classic or contemporary look, Ammonite is an ideal choice, ready to bring balance, sophistication and a sense of tranquillity to your space.


Brinjal creates a striking backdrop that beautifully highlights furniture and décor. Use it as an accent shade or go bold and take it across the walls for a sophisticated, memorable space. Surprisingly versatile, it complements a range of colours, from pinks to blues to neutrals, and is always a captivating choice if you want to make an impact.

Charleston Gray

Warm and inviting, the brown undertones of Charleston Gray are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. It’s particularly popular for creating modern, minimalist spaces that still feel cosy. Inspired by the much-loved home of the Bloomsbury Group, Charleston Gray works beautifully with our Contemporary Neutrals and Brinjal.

Dove Tale

A darker version of our renowned Elephant's BreathDove Tale may not have as famous a name, but it does share the same beautiful warmth. It’s a perfect choice if you want a neutral that’s warm but not brown. With a gentle lilac undertone, it creates a soft and inviting feel that suits bedrooms and other relaxing spaces.

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