Three Looks with Dead Flat® and Carte Blanche

Three Looks with Dead Flat® and Carte Blanche

3 June 2024

Nestled in Duchess County on the outskirts of New York sits The Noxon House. Over 250 years old, this beautiful building is home to design researcher Alyse Archer-Coite. Today, she’s showing us around three of her favourite rooms, all transformed using our Carte Blanche colours and Dead Flat® finish — a winning combination if we say so ourselves. 

Starting in the library, Alyse has made use of a transient space between two rooms that could be easily overlooked. With warm Roasted Macadamia on the walls, she’s created a calm, cosy environment perfect for getting lost in a good book. Often, it’s these easily forgotten areas that become the most unexpected delights. The colour choice also allows the historic architecture to speak for itself, allowing enchanting elements like the hand-cut wooden beams to take centre stage.

In the main bedroom, our delicious Sardine shade tempted Alyse beyond her usual colour choices. She loved it so much, she’s taken it across every single surface: “Blue’s not typically a colour I’m drawn to, but this blue in particular has almost like a pewter finish, which is super nice. It’s almost like a soft, brushed metal mixed with the blue.”

Walls, Ceiling & Door: Sardine No. CB8 in Dead Flat®

Walls, Ceiling & Door: Sardine No. CB8 in Dead Flat®

Although we take colour very seriously, finishes deserve our attention too. For this project, Alyse turned her attention to multi-surface, ultra-matt Dead Flat®

“I needed something that was going to be able to drape everything evenly without a ton of reflection, so everything feels the same, which this did really beautifully. I mean, it’s pretty impressive that right now we can look at the walls and the radiator and everything looks like it’s made from the same material.”

Walls, Ceiling & Cupboards: Cardamom No. CB5 in Dead Flat®

Last but certainly not least is the office. Drenched in deep, divine Cardamom , the space is a haven of concentration. Again, Alyse chose our Dead Flat® finish but this time, she was especially enamoured by its practicality for her mantle. “This paint is particularly durable, which is one of the main concerns when painting a mantle,” says Alyse, “it’s very easy to wipe off and to keep looking pristine.”

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