The Wallpapers of Carte Blanche

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The Wallpapers of Carte Blanche

15 September 2023

In a Farrow & Ball first, we’ve opened our world of wallpaper to someone new. But not to just anyone. We take far too much care over our handcrafted wallpapers to be so blasé. That’s why fashion designer Christopher John Rogers, famed for his inimitable flair with pattern and colour, is the first to collaborate on new papers with us.

Today we’re tiptoeing behind the scenes to take a look at how our artisan team craft the Carte Blanche wallpapers. You won’t see any ink or digital printing going on behind these doors, only traditional techniques, bespoke equipment and real Farrow & Ball paint from the Carte Blanche palette. As a result, every roll is utterly unique.


A fresh take on a true classic, our new Stripe paper is made with a traditional roller block. Stripes have been popular for centuries, which is why many of our other striped papers are created using the centuries-old drag technique. But this new two-tone design needs a slightly different approach.  


First, the smaller stripes are applied, then the paper goes through an oven. Next, the statement stripe is applied by a second roller block and finally the paper is dried in another oven. The result is bold, charming stripes, which are so effortlessly versatile, they can be hung in four different ways.


Playful, energetic and bursting with joy, Dot celebrates Christopher’s iconic circle motif. When hung on a wall, it creates a beautiful ombre effect, with waves of mesmerising dots flowing across the space.

Dot is made using flatbed printing, a classic method we adore for the unique texture created as the block pulls up and away from the paper once the paint has been applied. This texture adds beautiful depth and interest to the design by making sure every no two dots are the same.


Last but by no means least is Check. These bold blocks are inspired by Anni Albers, the brilliant textile artist associated with the Bauhaus movement. The statement, geometric design is truly timeless, suiting both classic and contemporary spaces.

Check is also created using the flatbed printing method, meaning it shares that same rich, inviting texture made by the block pulling away from the paper. However, with more colours than our Dot design, this paper goes through the process twice and has to be meticulously lined up to make sure the pattern is perfectly placed. Naturally our team have impeccable attention to detail, so they’re more than up to the task.

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