An Extraordinary Response to Light: Tala X Farrow & Ball

An Extraordinary Response to Light: Tala X Farrow & Ball

25 September 2023

We spend months carefully crafting and testing each of our paint colours to make sure they share our signature extraordinary response to light. This beautiful reaction to changing light, like bringing out different undertones or shifting intensity, is what makes our paint so special. So, it felt natural to partner with the lighting specialists at Tala.

A fellow British brand, Tala is a certified B-Corp dedicated to creating functional, beautiful lamps sustainably. We have a lot in common, particularly our shared commitment to craft, quality and conscience. The Muse is a portable lamp perfect for use indoors or outside, from al fresco entertaining to bedtime reading. Designed to be a modern heirloom that lasts for generations, our Creative Director Charlotte Cosby created four bespoke new colours to give The Muse a truly timeless look.

Photography by Anne-Laure Lievense

“Usually when we develop colours,” commented Charlotte, “they’re destined to be the basis of a room. Tala presented us with the opposite challenge: to create four bespoke colours that would fit seamlessly into any existing surroundings, whether indoors or out.

“Candlenut, Pleasure Garden, Hackles and later, Pomona, were the natural answers to that challenge – a soft chalky white, a classic sophisticated green, a deep, blue-based black, and a rich brick red. Just like the Muse itself, they’ve been designed to stand the test of time and to feel instantly at home wherever you set them down.”

Right-hand image by Herz&Blut

We also caught up with Josh Ward, Tala Co-Founder, to find out why he thinks Tala and Farrow & Ball are such a good match:

“The right light and colour can make all the difference when setting the scene, which is why working with the leading colour experts, Farrow & Ball, was important to us.

“It’s been a total pleasure working with a like-minded brand on this project – the shared passion for quality and the environment has been a focal point of this collaboration. Electronic waste is a huge problem for the planet, so our design is built for repairability. The Muse avoids plastic at all costs and delivers inviting light for hours on end whatever the weather.”

We first released these four colours of The Muse back in September 2021, and we’re delighted that even two years later, we’re still celebrating an extraordinary response to these lights. And who knows, this may not be the end of The Muse colour story. Watch this space…

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