Reaching New Heights with the ELLE DECOR Penthouse

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Reaching New Heights with the ELLE DECOR Penthouse

16 March 2023

The Manhattan skyline is famous for its abundance of skyscrapers. One of them53 West 53 and its penthouse in particularis especially unique. Designed by renowned interior designer Joe Nahem from Fox-Nahemfeaturing our handcrafted paint and with help from Kathleen Brennan, a Farrow & Ball Colour Consultant, this is the ELLE DECOR Penthouse. 

The Den

Walls, ceiling and window framesHopper Head No.305Credit: Kelly Marshall. 

Without a doubt, one of the most striking spaces in the penthouse is the den, where the spectacular view, is highlighted by Hopper Head on the walls, ceiling and windows. 

“For the south facing den,” says Kathleen, “Joe knew he wanted to paint the ceiling in a dark colour. So I suggested that for an even more glamorous finish, we drench the whole space in Hopper Head, using it on all the surfaces apart from those covered with the metallic cork wall. I knew the light meant the room could handle this depth of colour, allowing the artwork and skyline to serve as punctuations.” 

Main Bedroom

WallsStrong White No.2001CeilingSkimming Stone No.241Credit: Kelly Marshall.

The main bedroom, with its neutral palette, has a softer feel than the den, inviting you to relax and rest. Using Strong White and Skimming Stone in this space creates difference and interest, without harsh contrasts. The result is almost spa-like in its tranquillity.

Living Room

WallsAmmonite No.274Credit: Kelly Marshall.

To make the most of the incredible light, breath-taking view and wonderfully high ceilings, together they chose to keep the living room fairly simple with Ammonite. As well as making the space feel open and airy, it also complements the impressive collection of art on display. For a sense of flow, Kathleen carried Ammonite through to the hallway and dining room too — one of our favourite tricks for making a space feel cohesive and considered.


LeftWalls and ceilingEddy No.301. Credit: Kelly Marshall. Right: WallsEddy No.301. Credit: Evan Joseph.

A touch of light green Eddy in the kitchen brings a softer, natural feel to the space, balancing the backdrop of the urban skyline in the windows. The tranquil green also brings a calmness to the room, perfect for a place to recharge before or after a busy day. As with every colour consultancy, Kathleen made sure to consider the furniture and select a green that complements the bespoke marble elements beautifully. 

Reading Nook

Walls and ceiling: Stiffkey Blue No.281Credit: Kelly Marshall.

For the reading nook in the children’s bedroom, Kathleen suggested a true Farrow & Ball classic, Stiffkey Blue. The rich shade creates an enticing feel and complements the tweed wallcovering. In what she calls “an ‘up and over’ treatment”, the colour floods from the walls up to the ceiling in areas not covered in wallpaper, for a cocooning space that invites you to sit down and relax.

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