Making Over a Munich Apartment

Making Over a Munich Apartment

16 June 2022

 Jasmin Khezri, founder of international lifestyle platform Irmasworld, is no stranger to a Farrow & Ball shade. In fact, the illustrator’s Munich apartment already featured our colours in many of the rooms. But, after seeing the same walls day after day during lockdown, she, like many of us, felt it was time for a change.

“I just wanted to have little things changed in most of the common rooms that do not require major paint jobs,” she says “but still have a big effect and most important give us a change.”

Well, we knew just the person for the job: connoisseur of colour and Farrow & Ball Colour Consultant Marcel Ulrich.

About Colour Consultancy

Colour consultancy is all about listening to what a person wants for their home. So, in this case, the brief was small changes that pack a big punch.

Our experts look at light, architecture and other features, then offer colour suggestions to create the desired feeling in a space. This might be in a conventional way or through a more unexpected idea, like painting a ceiling – more on that later…


Often small and created with practicality in mind, storage spaces like cloakrooms are easily overlooked. However, these areas are usually one of the first rooms you encounter after stepping though the front door, meaning they can have a big impact on the overall feeling of a home.

In this case, Jasmin and Marcel chose Charlotte’s Locks, a bright and bold orange that contrasts nicely with the existing storage and artwork, to create a warm, welcoming space full of personality.

Guest Bathroom

This transformed bathroom is a perfect example of letting your favourite features determine your decorating choices. In this case, Jasmin and Marcel let a much-loved lamp lead the way.

“[Marcel] advised me to use a wallpaper in the lavatory room, which is a tiny room with a beautiful lamp with a foliage pattern” says Jasmin, “and the wallpaper, Jasmine, has a wonderful pattern design of leaves, which makes it nicely match the lamp.”


When it comes to decorating, our Colour Consultants think outside the box, after all, a room is so much more than just four walls. This new-look library is a masterclass in the possibilities of painted ceilings.

“[Marcel] convinced me to paint the ceiling instead of the walls,” says Jasmin, “to have the ceiling in a darker colour makes the room actually more compact, cosier and gives it a very warm light – I really like it.”

For another pop of colour, Jasmin and Marcel chose the deep red of Terre d’Egypt for the door and surround. This bold colour choice creates a focal point for the room and complements the lush Sutcliffe Green now on the ceiling.


In the kitchen, Marcel demonstrates one of our favourite ways to create a cohesive, impactful scheme, using complementary shades from the same colour family. With Crimson Red already on the walls and floor, Marcel and Jasmin opted for the bright orange of Charlotte’s Locks on the units. Using a colour that is similar but not an exact match, creates a considered look, without losing the eclectic feel Jasmin loves so much.

The kitchen also needed careful consideration in terms of light; a small window that allows little natural light in means most of the light comes from overhead spotlights.

“The orange is brighter and reflects light from outside and I really like that”, says Jasmin. Using a lighter colour in this way lifts the space and makes the most of the light that is available.

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