Episode Eight: Lucinda Chambers

Episode Eight: Lucinda Chambers

15 April 2024

This episode takes place in the watermelon pink sitting room of Lucinda Chambers. The inimitable icon of fashion welcomes Patrick into her home to consider her life in a way she never has before — through colour. 

The conversation spans how her mother’s love of coral anchored her childhood to her own head-to-toe love for purple in her youth and of course, her influence in the industry as former fashion director for British Vogue. Unsurprisingly, the two also can’t help but talk about their shared love for colour and the similarities between using colour in your wardrobe and in your home.

So, enjoy a captivating conversation between two true colour connoisseurs on this episode of The Chromologist with Lucinda Chambers. 

Lively Charlotte’s Locks to classic Pitch Blue, browse Lucinda’s colour choices below.

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