Turning a Dallas Home into a Sanctuary

Written on 25th August 2022

Walls: Calamine No.230, Shelves: Strong White No.2001, Ceiling & Trim: All White No.2005


For many of us, including busy skincare guru and business owner Tina Craig, we want home to be a sanctuary.

“As a founder of a start-up skincare brand and mother of a teen ready to take flight, my life is anything but calm” says Tina, “I travel so much that my home has become my personal spa and retreat away from the hectic pace of my outside life.”

Well, who better to help than colour connoisseur and Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador, Patrick O’Donnell? With our pigment-rich paints perfect for shaping how a space feels, he had the tools and the know-how to put together a spa-like scheme.


About Colour Consultancy

Adding colour to a space doesn’t have to be bold, bright or maximalist if that isn’t your cup of tea - more pared-back colours can be just as powerful for creating an atmosphere. Colour consultancy is all about finding colours that suit your personal taste to achieve the feeling you want.

I’m not into wild or outrageous colours for the home” says Tina, but “Patrick opened my eyes to the world of home colour! The mood he captured after speaking with me exactly reflects my vibe.”

Patrick explains: “While Tina has this fantastically huge personality, it was important for her that the house makeover was full of calm, so we played around with gentle shades of aqua, cool blues and soft pinks from our signature palette and The Californian Collection.”


Walls: Salt No.CC5, Arch: Hazy No.CC6, Ceiling & Cornice: Wevet No.273

Starting off with creating calm in the kitchen; Patrick and Tina chose a scheme for a bright, airy space.

“The kitchen is blessed with lots of wonderful natural light” says Patrick, “so we played with a palette of soft, cool blues, like Hazy, which we teamed with Salt, a complementary white. This pulls on the cooler notes of the blue, creating a fresh look that feels bright and clean.”

Dining Room

Walls: Hazy No.CC6 and Salt No.CC5, TV Unit: Skylight No.205, Ceiling & Cornice: Wevet No.273


Patrick demonstrates how to create flawless flow between different spaces by bringing Hazy and Salt from the kitchen, onto the dining room walls too. To add another level of interest, a complementary blue, Skylight, is added to the TV unit.


Walls: Calamine No.230, Shelves: Strong White No.2001, Ceiling & Trim: All White No.2005


Creating a scheme is highly personal, so our advice is to see what colours you feel drawn to and use them as your basis. Tina did just that with her new, Calamine-coloured office.

Calamine is almost an exact match for the packaging of one of her skincare products. “This was unplanned,” says Tina “but I do feel we’re drawn to certain colours in life that end up recurring.”

“A soft, grey-toned pink that never feels too saccharine or sickly” says Patrick, “Calamine is perfect for a working environment.”


For the bedroom, Patrick and Tina faced an age-old problem – how to decorate a big space so it doesn’t feel empty or cold. And how did they tackle the matter? A little colour and some cleverly placed Wisteria BP 2214 wallpaper.

 “The bedroom is a huge space” explains Patrick, “so we wanted some pattern to balance it out. We introduced the floral motif of Wisteria into the in-built arch behind the bed. For the walls, we opted for the gentle aqua of Pale Powder. The aqua notes never feel too chilly, instead staying charmingly fresh.”

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