Patrick's Mood-Boosting Schemes to Improve Wellbeing

Written on 12th May 2022

With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, coming home to a calming, uplifting space can go a long way to supporting your mental health, helping you unwind and enjoy some much-needed rest.

While every room in the home should be a sanctuary, filling you with joy or calm when you walk in, the colours you choose have a huge impact on inspiring those feelings. So, with this in mind, here are three schemes to help create a calming, uplifting atmosphere in every room.

The Kitchen

Often the heart of the home, the rendezvous point at breakfast time and gathering spot in the evening, consider using positive and energising colours for this sociable space.

Yellow, the colour of creativity, is an especially inspiring choice. Paint kitchen units in the oh so smart India Yellow in our Modern Eggshell and then balance the intensity of the cabinetry with a unifying white applied to everything else. For example, try Off White on walls in the suitably robust Modern Emulsion, woodwork in Estate Eggshell and your ceiling in Estate Emulsion. If you have a secondary piece of free-standing furniture, such as a larder cupboard or kitchen island, bring in a strong accent colour; Tanner’s Brown or Studio Green would look super chic here, again in Modern Eggshell.

The Living Room

Go cosy and comforting all the way here, creating the perfect place to switch off, read a book on your squishy sofa or catch up on your favourite drama. Don’t rule out dark colours, even for north facing spaces, as they can work a treat with restricted natural light!

For this particular scheme though, we’re going light with a twist by incorporating a dark trim colour. Look to an earthy pink for your walls, such as Setting Plaster in Estate Emulsion with its delicate brown notes and utterly soothing feel, then give the room a nice counterbalance with Card Room Green on all your woodwork in Estate Eggshell. To round out this comforting scheme, choose a nuanced white for your ceiling, nothing too sharp though. Shadow White would be a perfect balance for the main colours.

The Bedroom

Rest and relaxation is the order of the day in this space and what better colour family to look to than greens - they exude all the positive attributes you need to unwind, especially at the mid tone level. French Gray in Estate Emulsion (or Modern Emulsion if it’s a child’s room), is one of our firm favourites and for good reason; this shade would make a perfect choice for a calming bedroom scheme and treats the other shades with gentility. Consider soft whites to pair with it, for example School House White for your woodwork in Estate Eggshell and the classic Wimborne White in Estate Emulsion for your ceiling.

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