Spring Greens: Bring the Season in With Our Liberty Edit

Written on 3rd March 2022

Walls: Suffield Green No.77 and Clunch No.2009

Need a refresh? Make green the star of your next scheme. Symbolising growth, nature and new beginnings, this colour family is the perfect palate (or palette) cleanser for your home. And there are plenty of ways to use it, too – just see these lush Liberty looks for proof.


If you’re working with a room that gets very little natural light, or one that faces north or east, Olive is a great candidate for adding some colour. It’s rich and earthy with a pronounced yellow base, which makes for rooms that feel warm, grounding and inviting.

For a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral kitchen, try it in Modern Eggshell for contemporary cabinets. In a small bedroom, don’t be afraid to be bold – take Olive all over the walls, ceiling and trim for an enveloping feel.


Suffield Green

Suffield Green may be one of the most versatile greens in our palette. It strikes the perfect balance between green’s inherently soothing properties and a lively tone that instantly cheers up any space, making it just as good for welcoming hallways and kitchens as for relaxing bedrooms and bathrooms.

As you’ll see here, you can also use it in plenty of different configurations. Using Suffield Green on both the walls and ceiling gives this landing a contemporary feel, while the white trim adds a traditional touch. In a more neutral kitchen, it’s the perfect supporting player when used as a statement splashback colour.


Chine Green

Chine Green is ever so slightly lighter and more intensely green than cult favourite Studio Green. A strong yet grounding presence in any room, it’s a wonderful option if you want to make a statement without going too bright.

In these modern spaces, Chine Green is indisputably eye-catching but doesn’t overpower the other elements in the room. It makes a great feature wall or chimney breast colour for an otherwise neutral scheme, as you’ll see here. It also looks fantastic on trim, especially alongside more colourful walls, as an alternative to classic white woodwork.


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