A Splash of Colour: Meet Your New Favourite Technique

Written on 20th January 2022

Left – Bannister: Arsenic No.214; Stair Runner: Rectory Red No.217; Image: @spdd_
Right – Walls: Cabbage White No.269 and Babouche No.223; Dresser: De Nimes No.299; Image: @highfidelityhome


When neutral rooms meet eye-catching colours, magic happens. A corner here, a dresser there, a simple mural or two – these projects prove that, sometimes, it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference.

Not sure where to start in choosing your pop of colour? Take your cues from the neutrals you already have in the room.

Brighter whites can handle brighter tones – see @highfidelityhome’s Cabbage White and Babouche combo, or @roar_architects’ use of sunny Dutch Orange paired with a simple pure white.

Meanwhile, richer and deeper colours are the perfect statement-making addition to an earthier palette. From @alicegraceinteriors’ dreamy island in Picture Gallery Red to @tabitha_in_dorset’s all-green scheme, there’s inspiration aplenty below.

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