Making Over The Mae House

Written on 21st July 2022

Author and Brooklyn native LaTonya Yvette understands the importance of home. Inspired to create a space that builds community, LaTonya created The Mae House. As well as designing the space for her own family, the mother of two wanted to give back to others: The Mae House will offer free stays to members of the BIPOC community, particularly families from nearby New York who don’t often have the opportunity for holidays. In exchange for their stay, they’re simply asked to rest.

As firm believers in the power of colour, we were up for the challenge of creating a palette to match the ambitious mission of this lovingly restored, 173-year-old holiday home. Naturally, we sent in an expert – a Farrow & Ball Colour Consultant.

Making Over The Mae House with LaTonya Yvette

About Colour Consultancy

“What I loved most about working with the Colour Consultant was they got the story of the house,” says LaTonya “and was able to collaborate with me to bring that to life.”

It’s well known our consultants are experts in light, design and colour, but they’re also experts in understanding what a client truly wants from a space. And how to bring that vision to life. In LaTonya’s case, it was somewhere people feel ready to rest.

Master Bedroom

“The Colour Consultant and I chose Tallow for the bedroom upstairs,” explains LaTonya “for its ability to create a tranquil environment while also pulling in elements from outside.”

Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors, can help make a space feel bigger, brighter and more relaxing. Choosing a neutral like Tallow for the walls and ceiling, also helps draw attention to the windows and the beautiful view this master bedroom offers. With many guests travelling from nearby New York, some never having left the city before, creating a connection with the natural world outside is even more powerful.

Community Den

The newly transformed community den is a perfect example of how dark shades can ground a space. As the central hub connecting the three bedrooms, the community den could easily be lost as a purely transitional space. Using deep Pelt on the walls defines this area as a separate room to gather in.  

“It’s actually the darkest room in the house” says LaTonya “but it’s also the cosiest and it helps, in my opinion, with bringing the space together.”

Second Bedroom

Borrowed Light is a classic choice for a bedroom, and this transformation at The Mae House shows why. The finished look is bright, airy and gentle, ideal for a calm sleeping space.

This bedroom also shows one of our favourite tricks for making a room seem bigger: using a darker colour on the woodwork. Painting the door and trim in Stiffkey Blue makes Borrowed Light, the predominant colour in the space, seem even lighter. It’s simple, but effective. 



“People choose Colour Consultancy when renovating or revamping their home because we help them pick the colour for their space,” explains the Colour Consultant who worked on The Mae House, “but we also help choose the finishes to make sure you have a liveable space.”

 In the case of this freshly painted kitchen, that meant choosing our stain-resistant, wipeable Modern Emulsion finish. Pairing James White on the walls and Peignoir on the cabinets creates a light, bright space tough enough to withstand sticky fingers, scuffs and anything else life – or smaller guests – may throw at it.  


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