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Written on 10th May 2021

Walls: Breakfast Room Green No.81 in Modern Emulsion; Desk: Breakfast Room Green No.81 in Modern Eggshell; Chair: Cook’s Blue No.237 in Modern Eggshell


Under stairs, tucked into corners, perched at shared tables – over the past year (and a bit) we’ve carved out corners of our homes for work and study wherever we can. Now, with home working set to continue for a while longer, it’s time to give these ad-hoc spots a little love. Here are a few of our favourite tips for doing just that.

Find Your Niche

Alcoves of all shapes and sizes can make great home working spaces. For optimum flexibility and space saving, add a simple wall-mounted desk that can fold away when not in use. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have an old serving hatch, why not repurpose it into a fun foldaway study space?

We particularly like Modern Eggshell for its scuff-proof toughness, which lets you bring personality and protection to furniture, plus any other metal or wooden features in your new workspace (even the floor!)

Walls: Shaded White No.201 in Modern Emulsion; Niche, desk and floor: Stone Blue No.86 in Modern Eggshell

Think Abstract

If there’s not an obvious spot for a workstation to sit in, try separating out the space visually with a super-simple mural. This can be an especially good trick for study spaces in children’s rooms, where geometric wall art performs double duty as a fun feature and a clear divider between areas for work and play.

For this on-trend arch, all you need is a contrasting colour of Modern Emulsion, some painters’ tape for the straight edges, and a round object to use as a template for the curve.

Walls: Light Gray No.17 in Modern Emulsion and Sulking Room Pink No.295 in Modern Emulsion

Go for Green

Can’t decide on a colour? It’s hard to go wrong with green. Whether it’s a light and fresh shade, a deep and earthy olive or a seriously studious dark green, this versatile shade has been observed in some academic studies to improve concentration. The fact that it’s also lovely to look at makes it a win-win.

If you’re working where you sleep, you could paint the work surface the same colour as the wall, which keeps the contrast low and creates a look that’s easier on the eyes – try it in Modern Eggshell for our toughest, most scuff-resistant finish.


Walls: Breakfast Room Green No.81 in Modern Emulsion; Desk: Breakfast Room Green No.81 in Modern Eggshell; Chair: Cook’s Blue No.237 in Modern Eggshell

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

We all need something to keep us smiling through those 8am Teams meetings or marathon study sessions – why shouldn’t it be a generous dose of your favourite colour? Creating a workspace that invites and excites you can help keep those motivation levels high, whether it’s with a mood-boosting hue like India Yellow, a focus-promoting dark tone like Railings, or anything in between that takes your fancy.

Walls: School House White No.291 in Modern Emulsion; Panelling: India Yellow No.66 in Modern Eggshell

Walls: Railings No.31 in Modern Emulsion

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