Three New Schemes For Home Movers

Written on 8th December 2019
Putting your own stamp on a new place is one of the most exciting parts of moving, but it’s not always easy. While some home movers might be blessed with an innate knowledge of colour, finish, and their own personal style, others will be stumped on where to start. But there’s good news for anyone who falls into the latter category – we asked our expert Colour Consultants to create a selection of ready-to-use palettes specially for new movers, and they didn’t disappoint.

Scheme One: Hallway

Everyone wants a warm welcome home, and the best place to start is at the front door. Whether you have a separate hallway or an open plan entrance, painting it in grounding Bancha is a wonderful way to feel calm and centred as soon as you step in. The soothing green shade feels like an extension of the outdoors, especially when paired with Studio Green in elegant Estate Eggshell.

Scheme Two: Kitchen

This palette of Crimson Red and Scotch Blue might require stepping out of your decorating comfort zone, but what better way to make a new kitchen feel truly yours? Keeping the rest of the space neutral with fresh-looking Snow White, this scheme is as easy to live with as it is on-trend, the equal tonal weight of the cabinetry and brick wall balancing each other beautifully.

Scheme Three: Bedroom

A space as personal as the bedroom deserves a truly special scheme, and this combination of sumptuous berry tones is just that. Preference Red walls are a welcoming pocket of cocooning colour that feels intimate no matter the size of the room, creating the ideal conditions for a restful night’s sleep. But our favourite thing about this particular palette is the striking floor-to-ceiling stripe of Paean Black, an architectural touch that adds instant interest to an otherwise plain room.

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