A D.C. Home Transformed by Virtual Colour Consultancy

Written on 10th September 2020

When Farrow & Ball customer Cat Bennet made the move to Washington, D.C. from New York City, she did so – like so many of us in recent months – under the surreal conditions imposed by a global pandemic. Not being one to let lockdown get in the way of bringing her new home to life, however, she decided to give our new virtual colour consultancy service a try, with spectacular results.

“My daughter and I bought the house mid-quarantine,” Cat says, “and it definitely needed a makeover and a quick facelift before moving in!” Having looked at lots of paint colours online, the pair decided to stop by their local Farrow & Ball showroom to pick up some samples and ask the team for their advice, only to find it closed in accordance with state lockdown guidelines.

Undeterred, Cat headed back online, where she discovered our new virtual colour consultancy service. Designed as a socially distanced alternative to our popular in-home appointments, it combines all the usual benefits – the expertise of our Colour Consultants, the personally tailored advice, the collaborative approach – with the convenience and peace of mind of online communication. And, by all accounts, Cat’s experience with the service was a roaring success.

Without a doubt, this positive experience was largely thanks to the efforts of D.C.-area Colour Consultant Meghan Fort. “Meghan is amazing!” enthuses Cat. “We literally FaceTimed for just a few minutes and she offered incredible advice and transformative suggestions. She was so easy to work with, and immensely helpful, providing a full schedule with paint quantities and finishes.”

Understandably, Cat wasn’t sure going into the experience whether this new, distanced method of colour consultancy would be as effective as our tried-and-true in-person service, but it turns out she needn’t have worried. “To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it would be really effective just communicating virtually”, she says, “but I was blown away with how amazing Meghan was – super creative and inspiring, and quick!’

Seeing the results for ourselves, we couldn’t agree more. From its renewed curb appeal, courtesy of smart Hague Blue doors and shutters, to its all-over De Nimes dining room, where the interplay of different finishes in a single colour creates a striking effect, the house is now one that reflects its owner’s personality and is full of characterful spaces she can’t wait to come home to – the end goal of every colour consultancy.

And the paint itself? “The paint is incredible,” says Cat. “It’s completely transformed the house – I’m super thrilled!”

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