Creating Cosy Spaces with Metallic Wallpaper

Written on 27th November 2019

When it’s cold and dark outside, nothing beats a little luxury indoors. To us, that calls for the rich colours and precious-metal touches of our metallic wallpapers, a curated selection of our best-loved designs in shimmering shades of gold, silver and copper. Whether you’re already thinking ahead to welcoming family and friends over the holidays, or just looking to transform your own private haven, we’ve got a treasure trove of striking designs, glimmering hues and gold-standard ideas to get you started.


Our warm grey and silver wallpaper Lotus BP 2066 is a subtly glamorous choice for guest bedrooms, perfect for making visiting family and friends feel at home over the holidays. Try it as a feature wall or faux headboard with Snow White walls and Broccoli Brown on woodwork. Feeling bold? Try the warm copper print of Lotus BP 2068 with rich Paean Black on skirting boards.


Enigma BP 5509

With its luxurious black and gold colourway, our art deco wallpaper Enigma BP 5509 creates cosy, opulent living spaces. Take your cues from this modern living room and pair an Enigma feature wall with neutral Elephant’s Breath and Skimming Stone (on walls and ceiling respectively). If you want to fully embrace the 1920s theme, you could also give some well-loved furniture a makeover with Pitch Black in Estate Eggshell or dramatic Full Gloss.



Tessella BP 3613

Our popular geometric wallpaper has had a few metallic makeovers, but this Paean Black and copper Tessella is an especially crisp option for bedrooms and living rooms. Paired with Snow White walls and ceilings and bare wood accents, it adds a welcome hint of luxury to an otherwise minimal scheme, and is beautifully positioned to make the most of both natural sunlight and flickering firelight in this modern living room.


Deep blue and gold is always a winning combination, especially on cosy candlelit nights. Our Yukutori wallpaper design takes on new life when printed in shimmering metallic paint, but has a more abstract appeal when viewed from farther away, so never looks too busy, instead bringing a subtle texture to any wall.

If you’re lucky enough to have bare floorboards, try painting them Shaded White in our tough Modern Eggshell finish, and add Stiffkey Blue skirting boards for an unexpected twist to a scheme centred around Yukutori BP 4307. Or, for a fun children’s room scheme, try pairing the shimmering neutral tones of Yukutori BP 4306 with playful, vibrant splashes of Charlotte’s Locks and Verdigris Green.

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