Bring Summer in with Colour by Nature

Written on 22nd July 2021

Walls: Verdigris Green No.W50 and Snow White No.W1 in Estate Emulsion


Our Colour by Nature collection, created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, has everything you need to update your look for summer. Here are a few of our favourite ways to do just that, featuring jewel tones, aquatic shades, and the softest of season-appropriate neutrals.


Little Gems

When you’ve had enough of the heat, there’s nothing more satisfying than a nice cool space to escape to – and the tones don’t come much cooler than our Colour by Nature greens. Emerald Green is the brighter of the two, an upbeat, uncomplicated shade of green that looks at its vibrant best with accents of deep Imperial Purple. Verdigris Green is cooler and deeper, mimicking the distinctive colour of oxidised copper – let it be the star of your scheme by pairing it with a simple Snow White trim.

Left: Emerald Green in Modern Emulsion, Right: Verdigris Green in Modern Emulsion

Sky & Sea

Ultra Marine Blue, like the impossibly blue skies of a cloudless July day, is summer personified, making it a wonderful addition to any room that you’re thinking of sprucing up this season. Try it on kitchen cabinets – with a deeper Scotch Blue island or tall unit as an accent – or in a bedroom for children of any age.

Walls: Ultra Marine Blue in Modern Emulsion

Softly Does It

Like all Colour by Nature shades, Orange Coloured White works hard in homes of all kinds, all year round – but it feels particularly perfect for summer. A warm cream with just a hint of orange, it really comes to life in late-afternoon and evening sun, its underlying red pigment helping you to make the most of the longer days. It creates an especially soothing atmosphere in bedrooms and living rooms.

Walls: Orange Coloured White in Estate Emulsion

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