Bring on Spring with Farrow & Ball Wallpaper

Written on 17th February 2022

Wallpaper: Wisteria BP 2212

As we head towards a new season of longer days and balmier temperatures, it’s spring cleaning that tends to steal the spotlight. Personally, we’re all about spring decorating – embracing the colours and motifs of springtime in your interior schemes, so you can experience that feeling of freshness and light all year round.

That means blossom pinks and sunny yellows, not to mention fresh stripes, lush greens and – you guessed it – all the florals you could want. You’ll find all this and more in our wallpaper collection, a series of traditionally crafted (but not always traditional) designs made with our very own richly pigmented paints.

Ready to bring a touch of the outdoors to your indoors? Look no further. Below, we’ve assembled a few of our favourite ways to embrace spring style with colour and print.

Botanical Beauties

Wallpaper: Lotus BP 2053

Wallpaper: Brocade BP 3207

Botanical wallpaper prints don’t begin and end with florals ­– in fact, in interiors as in the garden, lush foliage is often the unsung hero of spring.

For a real statement, try Lotus, our most popular wallpaper design. This Art Nouveau-inspired print comes in 71 colourways including luxurious metallics, but for the new season, we’re particularly loving the relaxed blue-grey and off-white palette of Lotus BP 2053.

For a real burst of springtime joy, a lush green wallpaper is hard to beat. Embrace this most seasonal of shades with Brocade BP 3207, a subtle tone-on-tone print that brings interest and vibrancy to any room while being scaled-down enough not to overwhelm smaller spaces.

Sweetness and Light

Wallpaper: Peony BP 2305

Wallpaper: Wisteria BP 2212

We’ve been predicting the return of sunny shades for a couple of years now, but 2022 is the year that yellow really makes its big comeback (yes, really!)

If you ask us, there’s no better time than spring to get on board with yellows and yellow-based neutrals, especially in the form of a floral. Whether it’s cold and blustery or bright and balmy outside, these warm tones will ensure it’s always sunny inside.

Our wallpaper collection offers lots of ways to do florals, from the Scandi-inspired minimalism of Blostma to tropical-print Atacama. But to match the comforting optimism of yellow, we love a nostalgic cottagecore print like Peony, or the Victorian-inspired Wisteria.

Pure and Simple

Wallpaper: Drag DR 62

Love the tactility and depth of wallpaper but not sure about committing to a pattern? We’ve got you. Our Drag wallpapers use a single colour of Farrow & Ball paint, applied to the paper with a traditional trough-printing technique to create the most subtle of textures.

Drag DR 621 is similar in tone to cult favourite paint colour Pink Ground, a pale pink with lots of yellow pigment that feels at once light, fresh, and warm – perfect for spring. If you’re not hot on pink, there are pale golden yellows and easy-going denim blues that feel just as tailor-made for the season.

Another great statement in simplicity is a classic stripe wallpaper. Five Over Stripe is a clean, evenly spaced stripe with more of that ever-so-subtle texture (thanks again, trough printing!) that can be hung both vertically and horizontally to create a range of looks.

Looking for more?

Subtle neutral or striking metallic, delicate floral or classic stripe – whatever your style, you'll find it among our collection of expertly crafted wallpapers.


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