Behind the Colour: Peignoir

Written on 7th January 2022

Walls: Peignoir No.286; Behind Stove: Off-Black No.57



Name and number: Peignoir No.286

Primer & Undercoat: Mid Tones

Complementary White: Wimborne White


It’s safe to say we have a bit of a thing for naming colours after garments (Pantalon and Chemise, anyone?) But for sheer glamour, nothing tops Peignoir.

This complex colour takes its name from a gown, usually layered over undergarments or nightwear, that was specifically worn while brushing the hair. As with De Nimes, Peignoir’s fellow Gallic-inspired shade, the clue to its origin is in its name – the verb peigner means ‘to comb’.

Because peignoirs would often be made of a sheer, gauzy fabric such as chiffon, a colour that shared their name had to be equally delicate and ephemeral. Personally, we think our colour experts hit the nail on the head with this dainty yet grown-up pink with a hint of grey.

Walls: Peignoir No.286; Ceiling: Great White No.2006; Walls: Rangwali No.296

Walls: Peignoir No.286; Trim: Strong White No.2001; Door: Tar No.CC1


Peignoir’s gentle appearance makes it a wonderful option for children’s rooms. Rather than a bright white, pair Peignoir walls with gently tinted neutrals such as Wevet and Great White to keep the overall effect soft.

A generous dose of grey means that Peignoir looks just as at home in grown-up rooms too. Try it on bathroom walls in our super-tough and washable Modern Emulsion finish. If you’re lucky enough to have a paintable bath panel or tub, add a lick of Pelt in Modern Eggshell for a luxurious focal point.

For a bedroom, you can stick with stronger grounding tones as an accent to Peignoir walls, which will create a cosy effect. But consider lessening the contrast – we love this combination of warm Charleston Gray and Cinder Rose, which mirror Peignoir’s own pink and grey tones for a harmonious effect.


One of the best ways to find colour inspiration is through your fellow décor lovers. See how our users have brought an understated elegance to their walls, woodwork and furniture with Peignoir.

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