Behind the Colour: Mizzle

Written on 24th June 2021

Name and number: Mizzle No.266

Primer & Undercoat: Mid Tones

Complementary White: Wimborne White



Like Lulworth Blue, Dimpse, Ammonite and others, Mizzle is inspired by our home in the south of England. It takes its name from the West Country dialect, where a combination of mist and drizzle is referred to as “mizzle”.

This indeterminate weather inspired an equally indeterminate colour – we describe Mizzle as a soft grey green, and its many fans have remarked on how it can appear much more one than the other depending on the time of day.


For a classic look, try Mizzle walls with trim and ceiling painted in Wimborne White or Pointing. The tiny amount of yellow pigment in Wimborne White will bring a hint of warmth to the room that keeps Mizzle from feeling too cool, as will the subtle red base of Pointing.

To create a contemporary tone-on-tone scheme, look no further than Mizzle’s column on our colour card. Depending on how much contrast you want to introduce, you could try Mizzle walls with Blue Gray or the darker Pigeon on trim.

With our super-tough Modern Eggshell finish, you could even introduce these darker accent colours on flooring – or, for an easily customisable scheme, a piece of furniture.


One of the best ways to find colour inspiration is through your fellow décor lovers. See how our social media followers have used Mizzle to transform everything from outdoor render to indoor hideaways.

Try This at Home

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