Behind the Colour: Hazy

Written on 7th July 2022

Name and number: Hazy No.CC6

Primer & Undercoat: Mid Tones

Complementary White: Salt


About Hazy

With the coast just a stone’s throw away from our home in Dorset, we’ve found inspiration there a fair few times. From Lulworth Blue to Ammonite, the spot where sea and sand meet is behind some iconic Farrow & Ball favourites. For this hue however, we were inspired by a coastline a little further afield.

As with the rest of the California Collection, Hazy is inspired by the iconic landscape of California. This muted blue-grey in particular comes from the drifts of dreamy fog that float inland from the Pacific, bringing the feeling of a fresh sea breeze to any home or outdoor space, coastal or landlocked.

How to use Hazy

As part of our versatile California Collection, the other shades in this palette make perfect partners for Hazy. For a colourful scheme full of summer warmth, try it with the fresh green of Palm and add the strong grey of Stoke for balance. This bold scheme works brilliantly indoors or in an outside space.

Hazy can also be easily combined with colours from our signature 132 palette. Pairing Hazy with a complementary neutral, like the clean white of Wevet or the slightly bluer Cabbage White, makes for a simple and fresh scheme that allows Hazy to take centre stage.


One of the best ways to find colour inspiration is through your fellow décor lovers. See how our users have transformed spaces inside and outdoors with a touch of Hazy.

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