Behind the Colour: Clunch

Written on 10th November 2021

Walls: Clunch No.2009 and Sloe Blue No.87; Lantern: Cane No.53; Liberty Interiors Fabric (On Curtain): Persian Voyage, Jade Stone



Name and number: Clunch No.2009

Primer & Undercoat: White & Light Tones

Complementary White: Wimborne White


The story of Clunch goes way back. Somewhere between 66 and 145 million years back, to be slightly more precise. It takes its name from a soft form of limestone developed during the Cretaceous, a geological period so defined by its abundance of limestone that it takes its name from the Latin creta – “chalk”.

In the east of England and north of France, clunch was once a common building material prized for its softness. Newly quarried, it could be cut with a saw, saving countless hours of work.

In our world, too, Clunch’s softness is its greatest asset. This versatile white paint has a subtly warm yellow base and a touch of earthiness, enabling it to work with a huge array of other Farrow & Ball colours and suit all manner of styles.

Most recently, Clunch’s timelessness and versatility have earned it a place in our Farrow & Ball Curated by Liberty edit, a selection of 15 colours from our Archive. Each one has been hand-picked to complement an interiors fabric from Liberty’s The Modern Collector range – in Clunch’s case, Persian Voyage in the colourway Jade Stone.

“A laid-back shade, Clunch offers a clean, neutral backdrop for almost any other colour” says Joa Studholme, our colour curator, and “it’s these qualities that allow the intricacy and jewel-like colours of Persian Voyage to really shine.”


If you’re planning a bold colour scheme, Clunch might just be the supporting player you’re looking for. Paired with Sulking Room Pink and De Nimes, two deep but muted shades, it forms a lighter accent that’s more complementary to these colours’ earthy tones than a bright white.

Clunch also works fantastically well with green paint colours, particularly the softer grey greens in our palette. Try it with Cromarty and Blue Gray for a bright yet soft scheme that would look lovely in a traditional shaker-style kitchen, or with the darker Pigeon and the inky black Railings for a more contemporary take.

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