Autumnal Hues to Fall For

Written on 4th November 2021

Walls: Deep Reddish Brown No.W101 | @hyggeandcwtchstudio

The new season is a colour lover’s paradise, where fiery foliage rubs shoulders with crisp blue skies and the pavements are strewn with glossy chestnut conkers. Who wouldn’t want to capture a little of that magic indoors, too?

In our latest seasonal celebration of our Colour by Nature collection, created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London, we’re showing you exactly how. Take a nice crispy leaf out of our book as we make the outdoors our decorating muse this autumn , and bring the true colours of nature to your home.


Crimson Red

Crimson Red is a curious shade. Like the rest of our Colour by Nature collection, it takes its name directly from the 19th-century Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours – a ground-breaking classification of colour in nature – where it sits with other “reds” of discernibly pinky, peachy, and purple leanings.

But regardless of how you perceive it or what you’d call it, one thing’s for sure: Crimson Red is a wonderful addition to any cosy scheme. It has a rich, earthy warmth that’s unusual among pinks and makes it perfect for a light-touch autumnal look. Try it paired with Deep Reddish Brown for a deeper accent that mirrors and enhances its warm tones. Speaking of which…

Deep Reddish Brown

Deep Reddish Brown is autumn personified. Packed with the warmest and richest pigments, it can appear borderline burgundy, chestnut, or deep cocoa brown depending on the light.

Take your cues from our Instagram follower @hyggeandcwtchstudio and lavish your living room with this inviting shade for the ultimate cosy factor – bonus points if you have a log burning stove or plenty of candles. Wherever you’re using it, try pairing with a light, red-based neutral, like Dimity or Joa’s White, for a soft contrast.

Walls: Deep Reddish Brown N.W101 | @hyggeandcwtchstudio

Broccoli Brown

Walls: Broccoli Brown No.W108

Although its colour is officially taken from the black-headed gull, we’d be fibbing if we said Broccoli Brown didn’t remind us of something else: the most satisfyingly crunchy autumn leaves.

Its dark stone colour makes for supremely elegant rooms of all kinds, whether in a soft tonal scheme with Oxford Stone and London Stone (perfect for a relaxing bedroom) or as an unexpected neutral with the on-trend combination of Setting Plaster and Card Room Green (great for a contemporary kitchen).

Dutch Orange

Accent Wall: Dutch Orange No.W76; Walls and Ceiling: Snow White No.W1

Walls and Ceiling: Dutch Orange No.W76

Bright orange might seem a bit of a wildcard in an autumnal scheme, but to those of us lucky enough to live where the leaves turn every autumn, it’s a familiar seasonal sight.

If you’re looking to make the most of that low late-afternoon sun that characterises this time of year, Dutch Orange is the hue for you – try it in a west-facing room and, at the end of each day, it’ll positively glow. The perfect pick-me-up for shorter days and colder weather.

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