A Tale of Two Shades: Our Key Colours for 2019

Written on 11th April 2019

While it goes without saying that we love our collection of nine new colours in its entirety, there are two shades in particular that we think décor lovers should have on their radar for 2019.

For the pink aficionados yearning for something a little different, there’s Sulking Room Pink, a duskier, edgier alternative to the sweeter shades on our colour card. Then there’s De Nimes, the denim-inspired shade that, just like its fashionable namesake, is remarkable for its ability to dress any room up or down.

What we particularly love about these shades is that, as well as looking beautiful alone, they’re a (mis)match made in heaven, making a thoroughly contemporary and welcoming combination. Read on to see how they can shine in all sorts of spaces, both together and solo.

De Nimes
De Nimes is a beautifully subdued grey-blue that takes its name from the French city of Nîmes – translating literally as ‘of Nîmes’ – the birthplace of the cloth originally used to make workwear. Jointly inspired by these everyday roots and the muted elegance of Regency palettes, it looks equally at home in period and modern contexts.

De Nimes’ endlessly versatile nature also extends to the colours it can be used with – whoever said blue and green should never be seen together, for example, didn’t think to pair De Nimes and Treron. In this striking scheme, their grey undertones work in tandem to create a cosy living room look.

Try De Nimes in an ultra-contemporary setting, and it immediately transforms, becoming the cool foil for clean black lines, crisp woodwork and statement lighting. The glass pendant lights in this kitchen-diner almost glimmer against it. Have a rustic home? White-painted country style chairs and a farmhouse table will work just as well set against a dusky De Nimes backdrop, creating a clean contrast.

Sulking Room Pink
As of its addition to our colour card in late September 2018, Sulking Room Pink has taken the collective obsession with pink to warmer, deeper places. A muted rose with a nod to the tones used in traditional boudoirs – a room originally named after the French bouder, ‘to sulk’ – it’s a far cry from lighter, sweeter hues such as Pink Ground or Middleton Pink.

On walls, Sulking Room Pink makes for an adventurous alternative to warm neutrals, creating a cocooning ambience with just a hint of edginess. In this beautifully realised space, paired with School House White on the ceiling and trim for a simple, era-appropriate look, it fosters a feeling of inviting cosiness despite the lofty ceiling height. If you want to create even more warmth, use Sulking Room Pink with fawn browns and highlight with on-trend rust shades – a combination that’s sure to draw a satisfied sigh at the end of a long day.

Finally, for a contemporary twist, try bringing our two key colours together in a harmonious pair. In this snug corner of a kitchen-diner where natural light is scant, the muted warmth of Sulking Room Pink works with the low light, not against it. Paired with De Nimes woodwork and seating, its blue-grey tones also picked out in the geometric rug, it creates an overall effect that’s unexpected and exceptionally cool.

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