3 Ways With Our New Edit

Written on 21st October 2021

Clockwise from top: Potted Shrimp No.9906; Sloe Blue No.87; Inchyra Blue No.289

From the 15 colours of our latest edit to the many more neutrals, pastels, bolds and brights that make up the full, ever-evolving collection, our Archive is an integral part of the Farrow & Ball story.

These archived shades don’t just work effortlessly among themselves, but with our current palette of 132 colours too, making for endless irresistible possibilities. Not sure where to start? Try these cross-collection looks on for size.


Tonal colour schemes are having something of a moment right now, and with very good reason. Layering different tones of the same hue looks elegant and considered, and is very easy on the eyes, making for relaxing spaces.

Create your tonal look with calming greens – like Liberty favourite Olive, its darker accent Bancha, and the green-based neutral Lime White – for the ultimate soothing and grounding effect.


Pairing a statement wall colour with all-white everything else is a tried, true, and deservedly classic approach to decorating – but if you’re looking to take your bold look to the next level, we have another suggestion for you.

Take the plunge with accent colours that match your wall colour’s intensity, rather than trying to neutralise it, as with this delectable combination of intense Cola, vibrant Rangwali, and jewel-like Vardo. The resulting palette is one of sheer joy and undeniable fun.


As any regular reader of The Chromologist will know, red-based and brown-based neutrals are back with a long-overdue bang, gaining new popularity for their unique combination of softness and warmth.

The reddish taupe colour of Archive makes an excellent starting point for a relaxing living room or bedroom palette, with its low-contrast companions Joa’s White and Dimity (both from our Red Based Neutrals group) completing the look.

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