3 Ways With: Grey Paint

Written on 29th April 2021

Whether it’s cool toned or warm toned, light or dark, strong or subtle, grey paint has truly earned its place in our hearts (and our homes) as the defining neutral of the past 20 years. In today’s post, Patrick shows us a few of his favourite ways to use this enduringly popular set of shades, with three ready-to-use schemes starring Stoke, Ammonite, and Light Gray.

Stoke No.CC7

Our newest grey, from The California Collection, sits comfortably in the warmer grey territory. Similar to Worsted, Stoke is a useful mid-deep grey that would make a subtle but striking accent shade in your kitchen, either on an island or larder cupboard in our Modern Eggshell finish. Paint other cabinetry in the flattering Peignoir (go for our Full Gloss finish if you want some glamour) and keep everything else simple and pared back with Strong White on walls, woodwork and ceiling.

Walls: Stoke No.CC7 in Estate Emulsion

Ammonite No.274

One of our most popular shades of all time, Ammonite has universal appeal. When paired with darker colours, it can feel almost white. Use as a woodwork colour in a cosy living room, paired with De Nimes on walls for a clean and modern look. You can then soften the space with accents of Pink Ground, either on a bookcase or by finding similar tones in a fabric such as washed linen.

Walls: Ammonite No.274 in Estate Emulsion; Wardrobe: Ammonite No.274 and Oval Room Blue No.85 in Estate Eggshell

Walls and ceiling: Ammonite No.274 in Modern Emulsion; Kitchen units: Stiffkey Blue No.281 in Modern Eggshell


Light Gray No.17

While not a conventional ‘grey’ due to its brown and green tones, Light Gray is the perfect shade for those searching for earthy, natural stone colours. It sits happily with its siblings in the Traditional Neutrals group and, due to its pigment characteristics, flatters smoky greens, dusky pinks and restrained blues. Try it for a restful bedroom – walls painted in Light Gray Estate Emulsion, all woodwork in Card Room Green Estate Eggshell, and a tonal white ceiling in Off-White Estate Emulsion. Deliciously restrained and deeply cosy.

Cabinet (outside): Light Gray No.17 in Estate Eggshell; Cabinet (inside): Inchyra Blue No.289 in Estate Eggshell


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