3 Ways to use Crimson Red

Written on 13th November 2019

When it first appeared on our colour card late last year, our dusky Sulking Room Pink became an instant hit with colour lovers everywhere, creating inviting spaces with just a hint of moodiness. This year, we’re falling for Crimson Red, a warmer, richer twist on the ever-popular pink that feels just right for the cooler temperatures and longer nights to come. We’re taking our cues from those who’ve already brought it into their homes, with the help of our colour experts, to show you how to use this shade in your own space.

Scheme 1

Farrow & Ball Crimson Red and Scotch Blue

A classic look can be created simply by pairing the rich tones of Crimson Red with clean, bright Snow White, but for something altogether more unexpected, our colour experts recommend introducing a darker shade. By painting this kitchen island in deep Scotch Blue, they’ve created a focal point for the room, but one against which the Crimson Red feature wall still holds its own.

Tempted to transform your own island? Check out our guide to painting kitchen cabinets.

Scheme 2

Farrow & Ball Crimson Red

Deep Reddish Brown makes a beautiful accent for Crimson Red. The owners of this airy living room have used it on sliding doors that lead into the space, creating a wonderful sense of flow throughout the downstairs. Why not try Crimson Red walls with touches of Deep Reddish Brown – in an alcove, on a chimney breast, or even painted in a wide stripe of colour to create a faux headboard?

Scheme 3

Farrow & Ball Crimson Red
Farrow & Ball Crimson Red Living Room

Our experts have one fool-proof tip that’ll have you combining strong colours with confidence in no time: if shades share the same tonal weight, neither fights for dominance, imparting a feeling of balance. The hues of the Crimson Red walls and moss green sofa in this living room are equal in intensity, creating a scheme that feels exciting and unexpected, but also completely natural. Try the combination at home by taking Sap Green onto the floor in our tough Modern Eggshell finish.

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