How to apply Farrow & Ball Dead Flat®

How to apply Farrow & Ball Dead Flat®

25 July 2023

The colours are chosen, the tins are in, and the dust sheets are down. So, what’s next? If you’re about to embark on a spot of decorating with Dead Flat®, be sure to read our experts’ top tips before you start – for long-lasting application and a finish you can be proud of.

Keep a ‘wet edge’

When you’re painting with Dead Flat®, always work from dry to wet areas, keeping a wet edge to minimise brush or roller marks. 

This means not letting the patch of paint you’re working on dry before you start painting the section next to it. Not keeping a wet edge can result in an effect called ‘flashing’, which makes a painted surface appear uneven.

What is flashing?

Flashing, sometimes called the ‘halo effect’, is when you can see  patches of paint on your finished surface that appear to be a different  sheen level to the rest of the area. It may be especially obvious in  darker-coloured paint, in certain lights, or at certain angles.

Allow the full recoat time of four hours

The beautiful matt appearance of Dead Flat ® can cause it to look fully dry long before it really is. Try not to be tempted to recoat before the recommended four hours is up, even if it looks or feels dry.

Leaving the full recoat time is crucial, because this is when the chemical processes that enable durability in the paint are happening.  

Give it time to fully cure after painting

Dead Flat® is impressively durable, but we still recommend following the standard advice for all decorative paints: give it a period of two weeks to fully harden, or ‘cure’, before you really start putting it to the test.

During this time, it’s a good idea to treat the painted area with care and avoid any harsh cleaning products or methods.  

When in doubt, check the PAS

Need to prep your walls? Painting over filler? Not sure what Primer & Undercoat to use? For all those lingering questions and qualms, look no further than our Product Advice Sheets (PAS).

There’s one for every finish, and they’re a great reference for coverage, drying times, surface-specific applications, and more.

Here are some we did earlier…

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After seven years as a playroom, this corner of Leoma’s home was crying out for a grown-up makeover. Enter: Green Smoke, a sophisticated shade that looks even more velvety in its Dead Flat® finish.

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Suszi’s Children’s Bedroom

What’s black, white, and durable all over? Off-Black and All White make a striking pair in this Dead Flat® and Modern Eggshell bedroom, complete with playful hand-painted stripes and purrfect pet-inspired accents.

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