Get to Know Patrick O'Donnell

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Get to Know Patrick O'Donnell

10 July 2023

What is your favourite part of colour consultancy?

The one thing I absolutely love is visiting people’s homes: it suits my curious (nosy) instinct a treat, whether it be a small, one-bedroom flat or a large country house. As much as I really appreciate good period bones, the most fun is creating something from an initially unpromising space — especially when the owner is up for a little creative push! In every project, I either guide very gently or (with the client’s consent of course) run amok with colour, creative flourishes like free-hand motifs or faux architectural details.

What do you consider when suggesting a scheme?

Two things are really important: the lighting and the client’s wishes. Some people have lots of confidence and are willing to dive into colour, while others are more nervous or can’t see what colour can do. So, it’s my job to articulate what can transform your space, from colour schemes to a little furniture repositioning. When you live in a space for a long time, you stop seeing other ways to dress the room, but with a few tweaks, it can feel brand new, when all you’ve really done is added some colour and tweaked the layout.

What advice do you give to those who are less confident with colour?

Firstly, we have a casual chat about their ‘go-to’ palette and use that as the bones to explore slightly stronger colours or complementary accents that sit within their comfort zone. This creates a gentle transition from where they are to where they could go, without too much of a challenge. If, on the other hand, they’re up for some fun but nervous about the end result, I’ll start small. Be it a downstairs loo, a fitted bookcase or a pop of colour cautiously hidden behind a cupboard door, there are plenty of ways to introduce something exciting without committing to a whole room.

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