Full Gloss: Where, When and Why?

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Full Gloss: Where, When and Why?

25 January 2023

Full Gloss, our highest shine finish, is the classic choice for glamorous front doors and statement skirting boards. However, always on the lookout for the exciting and unexpected, our Brand Ambassador Patrick O’Donnell, has been uncovering new ways to use this impactful finish:

“The once maligned finish of gloss paint is definitely on the decorating radar again and being used in creative and inventive ways.”

Patrick isn’t the only interiors expert falling in love with Full Gloss again. Designers for the 2022 House Beautiful Whole Home project also used the finish for dramatic impact. Read on for inspiration on where, when and why to consider adding a touch of our water-based Full Gloss.

Painted Panelling

Woodwork: Stirabout No.300Full GlossWalls and ceiling: Stirabout No.300Estate EmulsionDesigner: Leanne Ford. Image: Rustic White Interiors.

The traditional choice for skirting boards and doorframes, take Full Gloss across other woodwork for a twist on the classic. The current popularity of panelling presents a wonderful opportunity to give it a try, as Leanne Ford demonstrates with her serene, Stirabout teen suite.

Patrick also points out this can be particularly effective in small or low-light spaces like hallways: “Use Full Gloss on wainscoting and panelling for a wonderful reflective sheen that can help bounce precious light around in otherwise gloomy spaces.”

Glamorous Walls

Walls and woodwork: Selvedge No.306 | Full GlossDesigner: Brynn Olson. Image: Rustic White Interiors.

If you’re looking for a touch of glamour, Full Gloss always delivers. Effortlessly dramatic, this high-shine finish makes a real statement when taken across the walls, as well as woodwork.

“Spray Full Gloss on walls to create a deeply sophisticated, lacquer effect for some high-impact glamour,” says Patrick. “Do be aware though, for best effect, your substrate needs to be perfectly smooth!”

Brynn Olson's luxury guest room painted with Selvedge in Full Gloss is a stunning example of the mirror-like look this finish can create.

Add An Accent

Left: Walls: Jitney No.293 |Estate EmulsionCeiling: School House White No.291 | Full Gloss.
Right: Walls and skirting: School House White No.291 | Estate EggshellDoor and frame: Stone Blue No.86 | Full Gloss.

A highly versatile finish, Full Gloss works wonderfully as an accent in both lighter and bolder colours. As a result, it’s easy to incorporate into practically every colour scheme to bring added interest to any room. With statement skirting and ceilings becoming increasingly popular, Full Gloss is a simple but effective way to make even more of an impact.

“Try using Full Gloss in a lighter shade on ceilings for an ethereal look,” suggests Patrick “or use it the traditional way on your trim but try a darker shade framing paler walls for a strong statement.”

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