In Conversation with Atelier Vime

Written on 5th February 2020

Photography by Nicolas Matheus

Paris Déco Off brings the best and brightest in the world of interiors to the French capital every January. This year, we partnered with Provence wickerwork studio Atelier Vime to bring two beautifully realised and ambitious installations to life.

Here, Atelier Vime’s founders share their take on colour, customisation, the joy of the Farrow & Ball archive, and “la nature des choses”.


The world of Atelier Vime is intimately linked to Provence and to our house in Vallabrègues, which is very colourful, so for a long time we’d had the idea to recreate our objects in colour, but were looking for a way to do so that was in line with our artisanal, sustainable approach.

The production method used by Farrow & Ball fits perfectly with these criteria, which is very important to us. We also took real pleasure in selecting from Farrow & Ball's rich repertoire of shades, and the result of their paint on the natural fibres of our pieces is magnificent.

Why did you decide to paint some of your creations? What does it add to the wicker? 

We have always sought to allow our customers to personalise their choice, for example by designing the Edith lamp, whose lampshade is available in several models. Colour allows us to introduce diversity and is part of the ability offered to our customers to fully appropriate our objects.

Can you tell us where the name for the reimagined Atelier Vime Apartment, “La nature des choses”, came from?

Our entire approach is based on the conviction that, to allow us to better consider the durability of objects and their impact on the environment, we must change our appreciation of those objects.

Celebrating the "Nature des choses" (or in English, “the nature of things”) is also a way of paying tribute to the work of craftsmen, which is carried out with the utmost respect for the natural materials that form the basis of our creative vocabulary.

The theme also served as a common thread in the selection of works we chose to display at Déco Off, whether they were wooden sculptures by Franck Evennou, or photography by Erica Lennard and Amélie Chassary.


The experience of working with our Colour Consultant, Samantha, was a real pleasure and gave us great freedom in our choices. Samantha has an incredible wealth of experience and a total mastery of her subject, and she immediately understood what we wanted to express: our need to broaden the agreed framework of contemporary urban life, to move towards more poetry, to create more nuance.

Our requirements were, first and foremost, integrating the presence of very strong and colourful pieces such as Mathieu Matégot's tapestry, Atterrissage, or the rattan and copperware cabinet we created in collaboration with Wayne Pate.

Having been opened up to the entire range of Farrow & Ball colours, from our archive collection to the new Colour by Nature palette, do you have any favourite shades?

We have some firm favourites, for example Cola, which we found in the archives and looks particularly chic and refined on wicker. We have also made extensive use of greens, especially the new shade Duck Green and the earthier Bancha.

The Palette:

The Atelier Vime installation will be at Rive Gauche until the end of February for you to enjoy.



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