Project Roundup: Celebrating Design in Paris

Written on 23rd March 2022

In honor of design week in Paris, we're taking this opportunity to highlight some of the French design talents we have recently had the pleasure of working with. We've invited a selection of interior designers to tell us which projects they're most proud of, and how Farrow & Ball colours and prints have helped bring their vision to life - read their responses below.


Project: Studio Chanzy - Paris

"The Chanzy studio is a wellness studio: we go there to recharge our batteries and disconnect from urban life. The place is soothing and minimalist in its architectural lines as well as in the light, worked in a diffuse way thanks to the play of curtains with a heavy drape and the unique use of the color Clunch. The use of a monochromatic color reinforced the enveloping character of the space. This color was chosen because it is mineral in essence: inspired by limestone, it brings a lot of softness and serenity. A true chameleon, it reveals, in its encounter with natural light and sunlight, and is the perfect tone for this multi-activity space."

Walls: Clunch No.2009 | Image: @ludovicbalay


Project: Hotel Sookie - Paris

"For the walls of the hotel we played with a refined color palette. Tones of terracotta, beige, sandstone, bronze, almond or tobacco echoing nature for a reassuring and comforting effect. The objective was to integrate elegant and timeless tones such as off-white with mineral tones Skimming Stone or fresh green Vert de Terre for an extremely soft atmosphere."

Walls: Cornforth White No.228 | Image : @nicolasanetson and @lucilecasanova


Project: Verans – Aix-en-Provence


"Verans was a project to decorate and furnish the first floor of a modern country house in the Aix countryside. It was a huge room, with several functions and therefore a lot of lost space. The objective was to reorganize the space to delimit the entrance of the living room, and to create a TV corner, a dining room and a cocooning lounge next to the fireplace. Using colors like Inchyra Blue, De Nimes and Eating Room Red helped create these areas and bring rhythm and character to the space."

Walls: Inchyra Blue No.289 | @ilariafatone


Project: Aix en Provence

Walls: Plain Stripe ST 1114, Headboard: Castle Gray No.92 | Image: @annecharlottebm

"I used the Plain Stripe ST 1114 wallpaper horizontally rather than vertically to give more depth and movement to the rounded effect.

The choice of Castle Gray, a bluish-gray green, for the headboard creates an effect of depth through the sustained presence of this color. In this room open to the pine forest and bathed in light, we discover throughout the day shades of green evolving with the sunshine.

To this very plant-like atmosphere I bring warm colors, such as the yellow of the headboard, the bedspread or the carpet, to give a warm and caring envelope to this room.


Project: Cottage - Cap Du Cotentin

Walls: Manor House Gray No.265 | Image: @cecileperrinet-lhermiite


"I chose in this small seaside house a relatively dark and changing shade with the day and almost with the tides. Manor House Gray has this extraordinary characteristic of varying from gray to khaki to shades of purple blue depending on the light. It structures the entire house that I chose to paint in lighter shades to contrast and enhance this living room. This color creates a very cozy, so British atmosphere perfect for sitting by the fire in this vacation home."


Project: BELLECOUR – Lyon

Murs : Inchyra Blue No.289 | Image : @sabine_serrad


"The southwest exposure allowed us to dare to use color without limit and to delimit zones within the same room. For the bedroom, we played the score of the dark and cocooning Inchyra whose dark tones of gray and blue highlight the furniture and paintings. The elegant Worsted gray perfectly bridges the gap between the kitchen's living area and the large, light-filled corner reception room."



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