Expect the Unexpected: The Power of Colour and Finish

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Expect the Unexpected: The Power of Colour and Finish

1 December 2023

Walls: Terre D’Egypte No.247 in Full Gloss, Ammonite No.274 in Dead Flat®; Ceiling: Brinjal No.222 in Dead Flat®.

When it comes to decorating, choosing colours is usually the top of the priority list, but there’s another element to paint that’s just as important. The finish. A higher sheen finish will bounce light around and make a space feel lighter and more dynamic, while a more matt finish makes colours appear deeper and more encompassing.

Inspired to make this room feel as big and light as possible, design duo Melissa Antonius and Lena Schimmelbusch from Antonius Schimmelbusch Interior Design (you might remember them from our previous blog) used our high-shine Full Gloss finish on the walls — a choice we always adore but rarely see. Then, in contrast, they chose ultra-matt Dead Flat® for the ceiling.

Watch our interview with the designers themselves to hear all about the project, or read on to find out more.

As Lena and Melissa explain, they thought carefully about their choice of finish:

“In such a small space, we wanted to create further depth by using different finishes. We used glossy walls and we love the reflection of the sunlight. It gives this tiny space such a glamorous vibe. We are definitely hooked on glossy walls!”

“Then, we decided to use Brinjal, our beloved colour, in Dead Flat® to intensify the colour and make you feel like you’re being hugged by the ceiling.”

Rather than opt for a neutral colour scheme, as many may have been tempted to, Melissa and Lena opted for the deep, rich colours of Brinjal and Terre D’Egypte:

“The space is pretty small and people are often afraid to use colour in small spaces. The idea is that if they paint everything bright white then the space will see so much bigger. In reality, it’s the opposite. The moodier and darker it gets, somehow you create an illusion of where does this room end?”

“We needed one neutral tone for some of the other walls, including the kitchen. We chose Ammonite because it gives this modern warmth and works nicely with all kinds of tones. I love the graphic contrast of the stairs against the neutral wall in the kitchen.”

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