Elevating Neutrals with Dead Flat®

Elevating Neutrals with Dead Flat®

2 May 2024

When Max Tobias moved into his home he was delighted with the space, but he was less delighted that every wall was white, white, white. He still wanted a fairly neutral scheme but longed for more colour and character to complement the Victorian house. Max had plenty of ideas, he just needed a little validation on the details. Luckily, we knew just the person for the job — Colour Curator Joa Studholme. 

Like many of us, Max only wanted to decorate once and then simply enjoy living in his new space:

“We wanted to spend a lot of time doing it properly and then not have to worry about doing it again for a while. We wanted to be able to really use the space and not worry about it.”

So, Joa chose our ultra-matt, impressively durable Dead Flat® finish for a new colour scheme that will stand the test of time, in more ways than one. 

Sitting Room

Making the most of natural light is a key part of every Farrow & Ball colour consultancy. In this case, it was especially important to find a colour scheme that works wonderfully in all different lights, as this particular room is used all throughout the day.     

“We get morning light,” explains Max, “but not as much in the afternoon, so we wanted to have something a bit brighter and lighter. We chose Shaded White walls and Shadow White on the ceiling, so that the ceiling was brighter and made the space feel bigger.”


While Max wanted the front room to feel fresh and light, he had a different mood in mind for the lounge: “In the lounge we went for something a bit darker and cosier. We have Lichen in there, which is this really nice green that I think makes the space feel super cosy and comfy.”

As well as picking the rich green shade, Joa opted for Dead Flat® to make the space feel even more enticing. The finish is so matt, practically no light bounces off the surface, which means all your eye sees is the colour and that makes the shade look even richer.

It’s not just the appearance that entices, as Max explains:

“Our first impressions of Dead Flat® are just how great the feel of it is. It has a really soft, velvety feel and there’s something quite nice about a completely matt look and feel. It’s great on the doors and bookshelves and things that get lots of touch all the time. I really am enjoying how it feels in addition to how it looks.”

Walls, Door, Shelving and Trim: Lichen No.19 | Dead Flat®


Hallways often pose the same decorating dilemma: how to create a look that’s welcoming and introduces guests to your style, but also stands up to such a busy area? Well, with our scuff-resistant Dead Flat® finish of course. And a touch of our toughest finish, Modern Eggshell, for the particularly, high-traffic surfaces like floors and treads. This airy hallway uses Shadow White on the walls, darker Drop Cloth on the staircase and Light Gray on the floor for a harmonious, tonal scheme.


Walls, Woodwork & Ceiling: Sitrabout No.300 | Dead Flat®

Walls & Ceiling: Eddy No.301 | Door: Light Gray No.17 | Wardrobe: French Gray No.18 | Dead Flat®

In both the main bedroom and guest bedroom, Joa used one of our favourite techniques to create a soothing sleep space: colour drenching. Letting the same colour flow across the walls, woodwork and ceiling removes any harsh contrasts, so the space is calm and easy on the eyes. Multi-surface Dead Flat® makes it easy on the decorator too. Whether you DIY or hire an expert hand, being able to use the same finish on walls, wood and metal makes for an effortless transformation.


When choosing colour schemes, we’re often drawn to the same shades without realising. This was certainly the case for Max and his love of neutrals and greens. In the office, Joa combined the two with soft French Gray and its magical ability to flit between grey and green in changing lights. Again, our wonderfully matt Dead Flat® makes the most of this charming characteristic by minimising reflection so you can fully appreciate the depth of its colour — green or grey. 

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